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Windows 7 is personal computer Operating System designed, developed and sold by Microsoft. This Operating System is the successor of the Windows Vista. Windows 7 introduced some major upgrades to the software and hardware behaviour of the device. In addition, it was highly praised by the critics for the increased performance and intuitive interface.

Although Windows has also rolled out other upgraded Windows OS after the Windows 7. But still, Windows 7 is still used and praised by many for personal computer.

Know More about Windows Product Key

To maintain the genuinity of the Windows product so that Microsoft Windows and can deliver best and original products to their user, Windows provides a Product Key with each Windows product. This also helps you to activate the Windows services and to enjoy all the features to the most. Windows Product Key is a 25-digit character code which is provided to you after a successful purchase. Find your product key depending on the way of your purchase.

System Requirements for Windows 7

  • Minimum 1GB RAM (recommended 2GB RAM) installed on your device.

  • 1GHz Processor of the CPU.

  • There should be at least 16GB space available on the hard drive.

  • And keep the device safe with constantly updating the software.

Activate Windows 7 after the Installation

Activating the Windows is very important as it ensures that your Windows product is genuine. Also, activation helps to verify that the product is not been used for PCs more than allowed by the Microsoft Windows Terms and Conditions. After activating the Window you will be able to take advantage of personalization and other stuff.

After installing the Windows 7 on your PC, make sure you have a good internet connection. Then follow these activation process.

Activate Windows 7 using Internet

Activate Windows 7 by Phone

Windows 7 Support

Everyone knows how to work with Windows Operating System as it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Also, updating the Windows 7 Service pack is not a difficult task either. Windows will surely work perfectly as claimed by company once you activate the genuine pack. But sometimes the user may find some problem with his product. In that case, Windows also provide a very fast customer support to their user. Visit the official website of the Microsoft and you will find solution to the most of your issues. You may able to find the step by step guide to your problem. If not then contact on their toll-free number for support. This number is 24*7 available for the user and response time is a few seconds. Do not wait, call now and get your Windows 7 fixed!