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Compaq Printer - With cutting edge features Compaq has printers to give you persistent representation of text and graphics. Compaq is currently owned by HP and delivering high class product.Compaq has range of printers from inkjet to laser printer, from business purpose to personal use. You will definitely find a product suitable to your use. Use Compaq printers to print your favourite picture, bulky notes, graphs and many more. These printers are user friendly and you will find it easy to work with.
But some user may find it difficult to use due to technical issue or other issues. In that case contact assistance is here to help you 24*7. Feel free to contact us anytime and share your Compaq printer related problem. We will help you and provide support.

Installing Compaq Printer

It is easy to install a compaq printer and use it. In case you need help with that follow these steps.

  • First thing you need to check is ink in cartridge. Use a new cartridge with full ink in it.

  • Now, make connection, read the manual, you will find the details related to wires and connection.

  • After you have successfully connected printer with computer, power on the printer.

  • In case of wireless printer, connect both your device on same wireless network in order
    to sync them.

  • You will see wizard on your device telling you about new device has been recognised.

  • Follow the instruction and install the printer driver and try and take a sample print.

  • Voila! Your Compaq printer is installed successfully.

Need assistance in installation process

If you are unable to install your printer or you are having problems with printer and it is not working properly, DO NOT WORRY. Here at Contact Assistance will take all your query and provide you solutions that actually works. These are the few of services that we provide our user.

24*7 call support.

Troubleshoot compaq printer.

Queries related to cartridge.

Setup, install and customize your compaq printer.

Personalized setting of your computer.

Software optimization of printer using your device.