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Medion Support

Medion Support - It offers a multiple range of services to resolve all kinds of issues related to Medion navigation devices. Our support team helps customers in identifying the problem and provides the most advantageous and optimum solutions. Medion Support team has advanced experts and technicians who are 24*7 available to provide technical support to all its customers. We always believe in maintaining a reliable and healthy relationship with our customers and so, we provide solutions according to customer’s flexibility. 

Services We Offer

Medion Support gives the best and accurate solutions in real-time for each and every possible issue. Whether you are facing problems while starting the device or unable to install regular updates on your navigation devices, we grant services for all the issues. Our team always assures that your Medion navigation device is working properly and you are able to access it properly. So, below are the common issues for which we provide affordable and cost-effective solutions:

  • The navigation device is not opening

  • Medion GoPal Assistant Installation issues.

  • Issues in connecting the navigation device to the PC.

  • Unable to transfer map updates from CD to the memory card.

  • Install software updates on your navigation device.

  • Import data from CD to your system.

  • Freezing Problem

Procedure to Download Medion GoPal Assistant

Medion GoPal Assistant software helps you to manage the content of your Medion navigation system. It gives you alerts whenever the new updates are available so that you can install them easily. So, Medion Support recommends to follow all the given instructions: 

  • First of all, open your preferred web browser.

  • Then, you need to visit medion-assistant-shop

  • After that, a new window will appear on your screen, click on “Medion download for Windows”.

  • It will start downloading the program. Medion Support suggests you not to close the window or turn off your computer in-between the process. 

  • Once the download is finished, it will automatically be saved in the “Downloads” folder. 

Procedure to Install Medion GoPal Assistance

To install the software, Medion Support provides you the following steps:

  • Open the “Downloads” folder.

  • Then, locate the downloaded SetupAssistant.exe file in your folder and double-click the file.

  • After that, it will show you a pop-up box on your screen. Hit the “Run” button. 

  • It will start running the software. In between the process, another pop-up box of “User Account Control” will be shown on your screen asking you to make changes to your computer. For granting permission, click on the “Yes” button.

  • After that, select your desired language by clicking the dropdown box.

  • In the next dialog box, Medion Support suggests you to read the “License Agreement” carefully. If you agree to all the terms and conditions, click on the “Agree” button located at the bottom of the dialog box. 

  • Next, click on the “Install” button. 

  • Once the installation completes, click on the “Launch Software” button to open the software. 

System Requirements

To install GoPal Assistant software on your system, Medion Support suggests you to fulfill the below-given system requirements. Failing to meet these requirements will create problems in software installation.

Operating System:

Windows 2000 from SP4, Windows XP & VistaTM

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum 128 RAM 

Additional Softwares

Microsoft ActiveSync ®  must be installed on the PC to communicate and transfer data with the GoPal Assistant. 

How To Import Software and Map Updates from CD to PC?

Medion Support provides you the below-given steps:

  • Open your GoPal Assistant software application.

  • Now connect the Medion navigation system to your PC with the help of a USB cable.

  • Once the connection is recognized, you need to click on the “Next” button which is located on the bottom of the page.

  • Now, insert the CD/DVD into the optical disc drive of your system. It was given to you with your Medion navigation device. By doing so, you can import software and maps from CD to GoPal Assistant software. 

  • Now, go to the menu bar in your application and you can operate all the basic functions of the software via the menu bar.

  • Then, select “Actions” from the given list of options and click on “Import Content into Library”.

  • Now, select the items you wish to import into your library. Once all items are selected, click on the “Next” button which is located at the bottom of the dialog box. 

  • Now, all the updates will display on your system. 

Registration and Map Update in GoPal Assistant and Transfer into the Navigation Device

  • Open your GoPal Assistant application, the navigation device must be already connected.

  • Now, click on the “Store” tab located on the left side of the window and you need to click on the “Next” button.

  • A new window will appear on your screen and you have to fill all the details under the section of “User Information”

    • First of all, enter a valid email address in the given field. 

    • Next, you need to set a strong password which must contain at least 6 characters or digits.

    •   In the repeat password field, type your password again in order to confirm it. 

    • Lastly, click on the “Finish” button. 

  • Now, a new form will be shown on your screen in which you have to fill in your personal details and then click on the “Register Now” button. 

  • After that, enter your email address and password that you have created in the above step and click on the “Login” button.

  • The registration is now complete and you can see all the available offers from the online store.

  • Now, on the left side of the window under the Library section, you need to click on the “Maps” tab.

  • Scroll down to find your desired maps and tap the “Shopping Basket” tab located there. 

  • In the next window, you need to click on the “Confirm Order” button located on the top right corner of the page. 

  • Then, enter your billing information and click on “Buy Products”.

  • Review the maps you have purchased and click on “Activate Products” for confirmation.

  • Now, click “Maps” located on the left side of the window and scroll down to your purchased map. 

  • Then, press the blue “Download” button located next to your map. 

  • Next, select the country in the required field and click on the grey download button located on the right of the page.

  • On the left side of the window, under the store section, click on “Download Status”. You will be able to see the download progress of each country on the right side.

  • Then, click on “Maps” once the downloading procedure is finished.

  • Now the maps you have downloaded or imported will be shown in yellow color within the country map.

  • The color will change to green when you click on a country and more details will be shown in the top right corner under the small window.

  • You need to select your preferred countries and mark them green.

  • Now, you need to choose “External Storage” by clicking on the drop-down box in the required field. It is located on the bottom-right corner of the page.

  • Then, click on the “Synchronize” button.

  • Now, review the content and updates which you need to transfer and if you want to make any changes in it, do it right away. 

  • After that, press the “Synchronize” button again.

Wait until the synchronization process completes. Once it’s done, all the updates are transferred to your navigation device and you are only required to activate it. 

To activate, you need to start the GoPal navigator on your device and a welcome screen will be shown on your screen. Then, click on the green checkmark located at the bottom of the page. 

Install Software and Map Updates on the Memory card and Transfer into your Navigation Device

  • First of all, remove the memory card from its packaging and insert the card into your PC’s card reader.

  • Once the card is properly placed, the contents of the card will be shown into the Windows Explorer Window.

  • Now, open your CD/DVD drive and insert it into the disk drive on your PC.

  • Next, open the directory of your CD/DVD drive and follow the below steps in order to install the navigation software on the memory card. 

    • Open the installation directory. 

    • Copy all the files and folders from here.

    • Now, open the main directory of the memory card and paste it here. 

  • To install all the map updates on the memory card: 

    • Open the “Map Regions Directory” in your CD drive.

    • Then, copy all the data you require from here.

    • Make a new folder of  “Map Regions” into the main directory on your storage card. Your navigation device will only be able to read this data automatically if it is stored in the “Map Regions Directory” of the memory card. 

    •  Now, paste all the files you copied above in this folder. It may take a few seconds and you need to wait until the process finishes. 

    • Remove the Memory card from your PC.

  • To carry forward, Medion Support recommends to start your navigation device by pressing it’s on/off button.

  • A new screen will display on your navigation device asking you to insert your memory card. Hence, fit the memory card into the required place. 

  • After that, select the “Green Check” button located at the bottom of the navigation device to initiate the automatic installation. 

    Once the installation completes, the start screen of your navigation device will appear on your screen and you will be able to access all the functions and updates.