Aol Support

AOL Support

AOL - AOL Mail is a free web-based email service owned by an American Company that enable the user to use all the email features provided by them. AOL Mail is also known as AIM which stands for AOL Instant Message. Their new update features calendar, IM, and other web-based email services. AOL is becoming more and more popular by their continuous updates in features and technology.

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Interesting Features of AOL Mail

AOL mail offers various features to their users with no extra cost. Moreover, you can also start using AOL email services right now, without any further ado.

  • Offers 25 GB email attachment limit.

  • Support various protocols included POP3, SMTP, IMAP.

  • You can also link email account of other service providers like Gmail or Yahoo.

  • Spam protection, Virus protection, Spell checking.

  • AOL Mail also supports a wide range of emojis in your email messages.

  • All the basic keyboard shortcuts and more are supported by AOL Mail.

  • AOL also offers mobile application so that the user can check and respond to their mail using smartphones too.

To know more about the features offered and how to use them, visit the official website of the AOL Support. For any assistance regarding AOL, feel free to contact us.

How to Setup AOL Mail Account

If you are new to AOL Mail then do not worry. We here at AOL Support got you covered with any query regarding AOL Mail. if you want to create a new AOL Account, just follow these easy steps.

  • Start by opening a web browser on your device.

  • Go to the official page of AOL where you can
    create a new account.

  • On the create new account page, you will be
    able to see various required fields.

  • Enter your first name & last name in the blank.

  • Create the username of your choice.

  • Generate a strong and unique password and verify it.

  • Choose your Date of Birth and select the Gender.

  • Establish your location by entering the zip code.

  • Set a security question and answer it. This will
    help you regain the access to your account in
    case you forget your password.

  • Enter your contact number or give an alternate
    email account

  • When you are ready and you have filled all the
    fields with correct information, click
    Sign Up.

  • In the next step, a confirmation text or mail
    will be sent to your contact number or alternate
    email address respectively.

  • This mail must contain a link, click on the
    link to verify and successfully create new
    AOL Account.

Common AOL Email Error

AOL Support helps you with all the below-listed errors and more.

  • Blerk! ERROR 1 message

  • BLERK! ERROR 3 message

  • BLERK! ERROR 5 message

  • ZOIDS! ERROR 8 message

  • GAH! ERROR 11 message

  • BLERK! ERROR 13 message

  • ZOIDS! ERROR 16 message

  • This email exceeds the acceptable storage size

  • The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender’s email address

  • Mail cannot be sent at this time: Error Code RS

  • GAH! ERROR 2 message

  • BLERK! ERROR 4 message

  • GAH! ERROR 7 message

  • ZOIDS! ERROR 9 message

  • BLERK! ERROR 12 message

  • GAH! ERROR 15 message

  • An error occurred while loading the page

  • We’re sorry. Addresses are temporarily unavailable.

  • Mailbox is temporarily unavailable Or The message was not sent because of an error

  • Your mail session has timed out… log in again

AOL Mail FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips

I am having trouble signing in to my AOL account.

There are two possible reasons for this error:

  • The username and password are incorrect: Verify your username and password and try again. We recommend you not to use the wrong password, this may block your account. Then you have to contact AOL Support to unblock your account.
  • Some unusual activity is noticed on your account: This happens when the wrong password is used again and again to access your account. You need to reset the password or contact Aol support team.

My AOL Mail Sign In screen is missing.

  • Reset your web settings: We recommend you to reset your web setting to troubleshoot this error. Sometimes improper browser updates cause such error.
  • Clear cookies, cache and saved site information: You can also try to remove this error by removing the cache and other temporarily saved data in your browser.

Having trouble in Receiving and Reading Mails

  • Disable the Firewall: Sometimes, the Firewall of your system make cause a conflict with the AOL Mail server. This lead to error, you can disable the Firewall and then try accessing the AOL Mail or contact AOL Support
  • Check your SPAM folder: AOL Mail services filter the emails and put few emails in the SPAM folders. In this case, you can check the SPAM folder and move it from spam to inbox.

The Issue with Composing and Sending Mails

  • Disable pop-up blocking software: The pop-up blocker app may sometimes block you from sending the emails. Disable them if they are causing an issue. If you are unable then contact AOL Support team.
  • Use a different Browser: Try a different web browser to compose and send mail using AOL services. Some browser does not AOL Support features.

AOL Support

AOL is a very popular and trust-worthy mail services in the market. They even provide guidelines to help you with your issues and errors. But some user still faces a technical or non-technical error while working with AOL Mail. These kind of errors are common and can be faced by anyone.

If you are one of such user, who is stuck at a point and unable to use AOL Mail. then contact us at Contact Assistance. Our AOL Support services cover a wide range of services that help you fix any issue regarding AOL Mail. We offer a toll-free number which is 24*7 available for everyone for AOL Support.

With AOL Support Plus, you’ll get 24×7 access to AOL experts.