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Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American International company that develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunication equipment and other high-technology services and related products. One of the popular products of Cisco is their Routers. Cisco Router claims to bring strong security and services to individual, enterprise, service provider and industrial network. They have the widest range of products when it comes to Routers. From very large to small usage, Routers for networks of all types and sizes are available.

How to Access Web-based Setup for Cisco Router

Before you start working with any router, you must know the basic steps to access web-based setup for that Router. Generally, this is a quite easy process and no technical knowledge is required to achieve that. We will guide you by step by step to successfully access the web-based setup without hassle.

  • Once your router and computer are connected
    with LAN or Ethernet cable, you can start the

  • Power on both your devices, the router and the computer.

  • Now open a web browser of your choice on the computing device.

  • Enter this IP address in the URL
    section of the web browser. Most of the Cisco
    Router have this IP address.

  • When prompted, enter the username and
    password of the Router. The username is
    admin and the default password is
    mentioned on the device.

  • You will be seeing the web-based setup page
    of the Cisco Router. Here you can make changes
    to your Router details and setup network of your choice.

Cisco Router Password Change and Password Recovery

Sometime you may forget the password of the WiFi connection. But do not worry, it is very simple to recover in few minutes. You will need a skilled technician to recover the password. Follow the above mentioned steps and access the web-based setup page of the Cisco Router and then follow these steps to recover or change the WiFi password.

  • Once you have the web-based setup page in front of you. Click on the Wireless tab on the left side of the page.

  • Click on the Radio Settings, here enter the name of the network you wish to have.

  • Click on Save Settings button once you are sure about the network name.

  • To change the password, click on the Wireless Security.

  • Enter password of your choice in the Pre-Shared Key column.

  • Finally, save the settings. Your router will take few seconds to apply the changes as it will reboot.

How to Reset the Cisco Router

If you are having any issue with your Cisco router and you feel like your device is not working properly then it is recommended to reset the Router. Resetting your Router may result in loss of your existing network settings, WiFi settings and it will back to factory settings. But it is also quite easy to setup the Router and setting network again. Follow these steps to reset the Cisco Router.

  • Turn on the router and locate the reset button on the router.
    Use the manual or check on the internet for help.

  • Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds.

  • The LED lights on the router will start blinking as the router
    will start resetting.

  • It may take a few seconds to complete the resetting process.

  • Once the LED lights will stop blinking and are solid lit, you will
    know the reset is complete.

Cisco Customer Support

As we have discussed that Cisco provides various products for personal use, small business and large business as well. They also give out a very active customer support service. Cisco products have 90 days warranty and sometimes more for different products. Review the Cisco product details and terms & conditions carefully, before purchasing it. Cisco has 24*7 available toll free number, where you can go and ask for assistance.