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Welcome To Panda Support

Panda - Panda Security is a Spanish Company that is focused on creating Antivirus Software for both home users and business. It is available for Windows, Mac and Android and, protects your computer, tablets and smartphones from all kinds of viruses, spyware, malware and many more. Panda Security has excellent lightweight products that don’t wear off your device performance.

Features of Panda Security

Well, Panda Security is known for its lightweight technology than traditional Antivirus. But there is more to it, we are going to discuss all those features in length.

Download and Install Panda on your Device

Panda claims themselves to be easy to install and use software than other competitors Antivirus Software. Here we are going to discuss the easy steps to download and install it.

From the Welcome Email

After a successful online purchase of Panda Product, Panda Security will send an email with a Download link. Locate that Email in your mailbox and download the product. You are not required to manually enter the Activation Code.

From the Panda Account

To download the latest version of Panda Software using a Panda Account, follow below steps.

  • Start by creating a new Panda Account using a registered email id and generate a strong password.

  • In case you already have a Panda Account, login using your credentials.
    Also, keep your Panda Activation Code handy.

  • Select the product you wish to download. If you are unable to locate
    your product simply click on
    I have a code button.

  • To download and install your product, click on download button and
    wait for the download to start automatically.

  • Run the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard’s instruction.

  • Enter the Activation Code. This is important otherwise your product will
    not be fully activated and stop working after few days.

  • Now open the newly installed Panda Software and submit your Panda
    Account details.

Panda Software is successfully installed and it has started protecting your device. Stay worries free while surfing and enjoy various benefits of your Panda Product.

Panda Customer Support

Do not forget to reboot your device after successful Panda Security installation. Panda Security provides various free and trial versions of their software. This lets their user decide which product is best for them and help them make decisions. Most of their Products have free 30 days or more trial period.

In case you are facing any issue related to installation or upgrade process of Panda Security then contact Panda Customer Support for assistance. Or you can call us anytime for assistance as we are 24*7 available for our valued users.