Want to know when I should receive my refund as the Irs tool digressed

Want to know when I should receive my refund as the Irs tool digressed

Ways To Track Your Refund Status 

  1.  “Where is my Refund” Tool: You can use this tool by accessing irs.gov. to check your refund status. Within 24 hours, the tool will tell you whether your refund is approved or provide a date by which you will receive your refund. 
  2.  Download IRS2Go Application: This app is available on your mobile by using which you can see the status of your federal income tax refund. Also, the app has various features such as IRS direct pay, access free tax software or generate login security codes. 
  3. Call IRS: You can also call the IRS to know your refund status if the above two methods do not work. 

Specific details that are required to check your refund status

  1. You will need a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number offered by the IRS.
  2. Your Filing Status i.e single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, etc. 
  3. You should know the correct and exact refund amount that is mentioned on your tax return. 

In case the tool is not working or you are unable to track your refund status, you can simply download the IRS2Go app on your android or iOS device. 

Use IRS2Go mobile application to monitor your refund status 

  1. Launch the Play Store or App Store application based on the version of your mobile device.
  2. At the top of your mobile screen, you will spot the search bar. Type IRS2Go into the space provided. 
  3. Your screen will display an expanded list of products. Find and select your desired IRS application. 
  4. To initiate the process, you have to touch on the Install button mentioned there. 
  5. Within a few moments, the application will be downloaded. Touch Open. 
  6. By doing so, the Refund Status page will be presented on your screen. 
  7. Here you will see three different fields of SSN, Filing Status and Refund Amount. Fill all the information in the correct manner. 
  8. Also, tap on the Privacy Notice link and review the whole document with all the terms and conditions of the IRS thoroughly. 
  9. After that, go back to the refund status page and touch the “Get Status” tab. You will find this tab next to the Accessibility option. 
  10. If you have provided all the information with accuracy, then the status of return received, refund approved and refund sent will appear on your screen. 

This way you can conveniently verify the status of your refund whenever you like.  

Call IRS for checking refund status under the mentioned situations

In order to receive your refund, you can also call the IRS in case of below-given conditions: 

  1. If the “Where is my Refund tool” or IRS2Go app directs and requires you to call the IRS.
  2. You have filed the return electronically 21 days ago and you are anxious to learn your refund status as you are concerned about theft or fraud. 
  3. If you have filed a paper return six weeks ago. 
  4. Or sixteen weeks have passed since you mail an amended return.
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