I received a letter from the IRS

//I received a letter from the IRS

I received a letter from the IRS

I received a letter from the IRS

I received a letter from the IRS

Reasons Behind IRS Notice

Following are the reasons for which IRS may send you notices or letters: 

  1. Your tax return may have issues that need to be corrected.
  2. The IRS aims to inform you that your tax processing will be delayed.
  3. You may owe additional tax.
  4. The IRS needs to verify or test your identity.
  5. Your refund will be higher or less than you expected.
  6. The IRS made significant changes or corrections to your tax return.
  7. The IRS demands payment or intends to get extra information about your return

How to deal with an IRS letter? 

If you receive a letter from the IRS, follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully: 

  • Never miss an IRS notice

You should never ignore or miss an IRS notice as it could make your case worse. The letter is mostly regarding a specific issue such as federal tax returns or tax accounts. 

  • Respond only to specific questions

You should only answer those questions that are mentioned in the notice. If you have yet another tax issue or problem, you are supposed to address it in a separate notice.  

  • Agree or disagree with the revised tax return notice

Read the information provided in the notice thoroughly. If a letter is regarding a modified or revised tax return, examine each and every statement. 

    • If you do not have any issue with the letter and you are ready to accept all the changes made by the IRS, you need not reply to the IRS until you are given further instructions or guidelines. 
    • But if you disagree or oppose the notice of making changes, it is necessary for you to write a letter to the IRS. In the letter, you should clearly explain the reason due to which you disagree. Also, attach and put together all the documents that support your case. 
  • Do not visit the IRS Office

For certain notices, you do not need to call or visit the IRS office. If the issue is serious and you have questions related to the letter, you can call the number which is given at the upper-right corner of the letter. Also, you must have a copy of your tax return and the letter sent by the IRS. This will help the IRS in order to respond to all your issues.

  • Maintain a copy of any notice

Make sure that you keep a record of all the letters sent by the IRS. You may need to refer or view the notice sometime in the future. 

How to confirm that your letter is legit and real? 

Sometimes the letter you received from irs are fake and are not sent by the IRS. You should be able to check whether the letter is legitimate, official and lawful. Following are the tips and suggestions: 

  1. An IRS notice is always delivered in a government envelope. Also, there will be an IRS seal on the notice. 
  2. There will be a letter-number on the right-hand corner of the notice.
  3. The original IRS letter includes your truncated tax ID number. 
  4. Also, the letter includes the IRS contact information. If the letter does not have it, the letter is fake.
  5. The real IRS letter will also include extra information about your rights as a taxpayer.  
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