I Need To Add My Other W* To My Return That I Already Filed

//I Need To Add My Other W* To My Return That I Already Filed

I Need To Add My Other W* To My Return That I Already Filed

I Need To Add My Other W* To My Return That I Already Filed

After filing the previous year’s tax return with IRS using TurboTax software, you can’t attach any other W * with your return after that. Then, in that case, you have to amend your tax return with the IRS. And use the TurboTax software program to file it again. 

I Need To Add My Other W*

➥ Steps to file the Amended Return with the IRS

  • Compilation of documents

The very step is to collect the documents that are required for amending the returns with the IRS. These documents may include: 

    • one copy of your original return that’s being amended
    • W-2 form that you receive after filing your tax return.
  • Get the right forms together- 

Thereafter, download the forms that are required for the tax year that you are amending for. IRS keeps records of the previous year’s tax returns on its official website from where you can get all tax forms for previous years. While filing the amendment using the TurboTax application, it searches for the necessary forms and file the return. Remember that there is no need to submit the new forms for the whole tax return. You have to fill in the new form only for the reason you are  filing the return. 

  • Fill the form of 1040x– 

The next step is to download the IRS Form 1040x that will help you to amend your tax return. Look at the search function on the TurboTax website in order to download the IRS form. The form contains instructions that are simple to follow. Also, it allows you to provide new or updated information. In this form, you also have to mention the reason behind amending the returns. You must mention the explanation about the specific changes that you are doing briefly in this form. 

➥ Submit your amended return 

In the end, attach all the forms that you are amending and then mail it to the address that you have entered in the 1040x form. Make sure that you have attached the W-2 form and entered the correct address while sending the mail. 

In case, your amendment results in a higher tax bill, in that case, you must have to attach the extra tax payment with your tax return. While making the payment, you will get a concession on the penalties and interest that you have to pay due to the late filing of tax. 

Once you send the amended return to the IRS, the processing of the amendment will take two to twelve weeks to get completed. So, you have to wait patiently to get your returns amended. You can verify the status of your amendment on the official site of the IRS after three weeks. 

➥ Procedure to file the amendment using TurboTax application 

Just in case, you are using the TurboTax Online app to file the amendment then follow the steps. 

  • Login to your TurboTax account, using the login credentials associated with TurboTax. 
  • Thereafter, tap on the “Amend a return that was filed and accepted”. 

On the other hand, if you are accessing the TurboTax CD/Download product, sign back into your return. Further, tap on the “Amend a file return”. 


  • While amending the return make sure you have filed the 1040x form. 
  • After amending the returns with the IRS, it will take about three months in processing. 

In this way, by following the above-mentioned procedure you can file the amended return with IRS using TurboTax. 

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