Had a reject twice but turbo tax fixed it so my account said Turbo accepted my taxes.. But

When you e-file your Tax Returns at TurboTax, the software takes utmost care to ensure that every necessary information is included. However, it all depends on the accuracy of the information that you provide. Moreover, this information should be exactly the same as saved in the databases of IRS and Social Security Administration. In case of any incorrect information or typing errors, the IRS simply rejects your Tax Return. Usually, it informs you about the status of your Tax Return within 24-48 hours of e-filing. It sends you an email on your registered Email Address. In other words, any Tax Return that you e-file at TurboTax displays the status as “Processing” until the IRS reviews it and “Accepts” it. 

However in case of rejection, it gives you a Reject Code explaining the cause of rejection. Based on the Reject Code, you can easily make corrections and e-file your Tax Return again at TurboTax. In this way, the entire e-filing procedure happens at TurboTax. 

Therefore, TurboTax suggests you to provide all the information accurately without any typing mistakes. However, apart from incorrect information, your Tax Return could also be rejected due to some fraudulent activity on your Social Security Number. Besides that, there could be some issue with the IRS website. Due to these reasons also, the IRS can reject your Tax Returns. 

Had a reject twice but-min

In short, it is possible that your Tax Return gets rejected even after filing it through TurboTax. 

➥ Common Reasons For Rejected Tax Returns

  1. Providing Incorrect Information or Typing Mistakes regarding the following.
    • Your Name, Your Spouse’s Name (if you’re jointly filing), 
    • Names Of Employers, Business Partners Or Spouses.
    • Date of birth.
    • Social Security number. 
    • Home Address.
    • Identification numbers, like your or employer’s IDs, PIN Numbers etc.
    • Direct Deposit Information like Band Account Details.
    • Last Year’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).
    • Dependent’s Name.
    • Dependents Claimed.
  2. Form Miscalculations like Tax Credits, Deductions, Tax Liability, Tax Refund etc. 
  3. Logistical errors like not signing your Tax Return, or not attaching essential documents.

➥ What To Do In Case Of Rejected Tax Returns?

In the case of rejected Tax Returns, immediately check your Email Account for the “Action Needed Email” received from IRS. This email contains a Reject Code which explains the reason for rejection. You can also “Sign In” to your TurboTax Account for the same. All you have to do is select “Fix my return” to get the Reject Code. Once you have the Reject Code, understand its implications. You can easily check the Reject Code details on TurboTax’s official website. Besides the “Fix my return” section of your TurboTax Account will also explain it to you.

Thereafter, you can correct your Tax Return and file it again on TurboTax. However, TurboTax suggests you to Print it, Sign it and send it to IRS by regular Mail. In this way, it will rule out any possibility of issues with the IRS website.

Similarly, in case of any fraudulent activity like another Return filed with your SSN, you must Print and Sign your Tax Return from TurboTax. Then, attach Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit. Thereafter, post your Tax Return to the IRS. 

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