Steps given To Fix Quicken visible error.

//Steps given To Fix Quicken visible error.

Steps given To Fix Quicken visible error.

Quicken window visible error: The Quicken window visible error occurs because of the scaling settings.

In most cases it happens when the user launches the Quicken application, the application appears to open up, the monitor attached to the computer is not visible.

This may be caused when the user is unable to see the Quicken windows on the computer after changing from the dual monitors to a secondary monitor.

Quicken window visible error

QQuicken window visible error

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Here in this article, there are some fixes provided in order to resolve the Quicken window visible error. You need to follow the instructions as stated below:

Steps to fix the Quicken window visible error:

Step 1: Downloading of the two files.

  • Firstly you need to open the computer.
  • Therefore create a new folder on the computer desktop.
  • Download the QW.exe.Manifest.
  • Furthermore, you need to save this file to the folder that you have created.
  • Now click on the FixQuickenHires.
  • Select the save as an option.
  • Therefore save the file to the new folder.
  • Now again open the window.
  • Click on the FixQuickenHires.reg through any security warning in order to run the file.

Step 2: Copying of the QW.exe.Manifest to the Quicken program files.

  • Firstly you need to open the Quicken file folder.
  • Furthermore the Quicken on 64-bit windows: Program files\Quicken on 32-bit windows.
  • Now you need to copy the QW.exe.Manifest which you have downloaded earlier to the program files.

Step 3: Remove the change made if necessary.

  • Firstly you need to go to the QW.exe.Manifest folder.
  • Therefore delete the QW.exe.Manifest from the Quicken folder.
  • Right, click if you want to remove  FixQuickenHires from your device.
  • Select the save as link.
  • Furthermore, save the file.
  • Now click on the RemoveFixQuickenHires.reg file.

Step 4: Turn off the secondary monitor.

  • Change your display settings.
  • Extend the monitor to the secondary monitor.
  • Therefore turn off the secondary monitor.
  • Furthermore, reopen quicken.
  • Now drag the quicken window to the primary monitor.
  • Lastly, exit the Quicken.
  • Finally shut off the secondary monitor.


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