Steps to fix the Quicken pdf error -Quicken Support

//Steps to fix the Quicken pdf error -Quicken Support

Steps to fix the Quicken pdf error -Quicken Support


Quicken pdf error:  Quicken pdf error normally occurs if the pdf printer drivers were or not installed properly.Quicken pdf error arises when the Quicken is installed the driver may not be compatible with the users operating system.

Quicken pdf error

Quicken pdf error

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Steps to fix the Quicken pdf error: Quicken Support

Step 1: Install the Quicken pdf printer

  • For Windows 8,9,10.
  • Firstly you need to click on the start button.
  • Therefore select the control panel>device and printers.
  • For Windows 10 click on the start button>control panel.
  • Therefore you need to check if the quicken pdf printer is listed or not.
  • If yes then you need to proceed to make the pdf converter compatible with the version of windows.
  • If no then install the quicken pdf printer.

Step 2: Install the Quicken pdf converter

  • Firstly log in as a user with admin rights.
  • Therefore click on the start button>explorer.
  • In addition to this browse to program files or pdf printer.
  • Furthermore, click on the restored. driver bat.
  • Therefore a command window appears on the screen and closes the installation process after it is completed.
  • Now try to print the pdf in quicken.

Step 3: Make the pdf converter compatible with the version of windows.

  • Log in as the user with the admin rights.
  • Therefore click on the windows taskbar>task manager.
  • Furthermore, select the processes tab.
  • Now select the splWOW64.exe process if you are able to detect it.
  • Click on the end process button.
  • Close the task manager.
  • Furthermore, click the windows button>control panel>devices and printers.
  • Click on the Quicken pdf printer>printer properties.
  • Click on the add port button from the ports tab.
  • Now click on the new port when from the ports tab.
  • Enter pdf 1 for the new port name>ok button.
  • Close the printer port option.
  • Therefore close printer ports windows.
  • Now select the ports list from the pdf 1 port.
  • Therefore select the advanced tab.
  • Furthermore, select the spool print documents to make the option clickable.
  • Enable advanced printing features.
  • Therefore select the print directly to the printer.
  • Select the driver option from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the apply button> ok.
  • Select the task manager from the windows task manager that appear on the bottom of the screen.
  • Therefore select the processes tab.
  • Click on the end process after selecting the splWOW64.exe

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