Steps  To Fix Quicken Not Running – Quicken Support

//Steps  To Fix Quicken Not Running – Quicken Support

Steps  To Fix Quicken Not Running – Quicken Support

Quicken Not Running – Quicken Not Running sometimes Quicken Stops Responding While you  try opening it there can be several reasons for it but the Most common reason is that Quicken may not be responding to the Current window or the Quicken Version that you are using is not Supporting in the Window you need to Download the Version that is Suitable for your Windows because every window support Different versions of the Application. So You need to check Which Version of Quicken your Window is supporting

Quicken Not Running

Quicken Not Running

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Steps  To Fix Quicken Not Running – Quicken Support:

Step 1: Download and Use QCleanUI

  • Firstly if you don’t have the QCleanUI app Download it.
  • Therefore to download the QCleanUI go to your browser.
  • Type download QCleanUI and it will show you different links for downloading the application.
  • Click on any one of them and Click on “Download File”
  • It will start installing.
  • Therefore once it has installed. Open it.
  • If you already Have a QCleanUI skip the above step and move on to other steps.
  • Once you open the Application On the upper left corner.
  • You will see a “Clean All” option.
  • Select it and it will start cleaning.
  • It might take several minutes.
  • Be patient until it’s detecting junk.
  • Lastly when it finishes cleaning close the application.

Step 2: Rename Quicken Shared Folder

  • Firstly open Quicken.
  • There are certain files and folders that are hidden.
  • Go to setting and remove it from hidden files.
  • Once you see that all Folders and files are there Change their name.
  • Right-click on the folder or file that you want to rename Click on the “Rename” option.
  • Therefore choose a unique Different and Short name.
  • Since you change the name of the file now close Quicken.
  • Lastly, Restart your Computer and open the Quicken application.

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