Steps  To resolve the Quicken error 6930

//Steps  To resolve the Quicken error 6930

Steps  To resolve the Quicken error 6930

Quicken error 6930: The Quicken error 6930 occurs during the update or sync. The Quicken error 6930 is basically a runtime error which happens when the Quicken fails or crashes while running.

The error message displayed on the screen as “Quicken error 6030. It has encountered some problem and needs to be closed.”

Quicken error 6930

Quicken error 6930

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Causes of the Quicken error 6930:

  • Sometimes during the program design, the programmers code the error.
  • If the related error is not addressed during the design and testing.
  • Running of the incompatible programs at the same time.
  • Memory issue.
  • Bad graphics or virus infection.

Symptoms of the Quicken error 6930:

  • The Quicken error 6930 appears without warning message.
  • The new or deleted files may appear instantly on the screen.
  • The sudden drop in the internet connection speed.

Here in this article, there are the possible ways discussed in order to resolve the Quicken failure 6930. Follow the given instructions.

Method 1: Running of the disk cleanup.

You need to back up your files and free up some space on the hard drive.

  • Firstly open up your windows explorer.
  • Therefore click on the main directory.
  • Open the properties option.
  • Now run the disk cleanup to free up some space.

Method 2: Closing the conflicting programs.

  • Click the ctrl+alt+del to open the task manager.
  • There appears the list of programs running.
  • A processes tab screen appears on the screen.
  • Therefore stop the program one by one by highlighting them.
  • Furthermore, click on the end process button.
  • Wait for a while to check whether the error message recurs or not.
  • Identify the program causing the error.

Method 3: Reinstalling the conflicting programs.

Using the control panel.

For Windows 7:

  • Go to the start button>control panel>uninstall the program.

For Windows 8:

  • Go to the start button>more settings>control panel>uninstall the program.

For Windows 10:

  • Firstly you need to search control panel in the search box that appears.
  • Control panel>uninstall the program.
  • Therefore go to the programs and features option.
  • Click the program creating the issue.
  • Therefore click on the update or uninstall option.
  • There appears a prompt to update the process if you chose the update option.
  • In case you chose the uninstall option to follow the prompt mentioned.
  • Click on the application install disk.
  • Lastly, reinstall the program.


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