Quicken error 409: The Quicken error 409 generally occurs with the mac users. It normally occurs when the user has more than one account with the bank. Moreover they have different connection methods for instance Quicken connect and Direct connect.

Quicken  error 409

Quicken  error 409

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Here in this article are the possible solutions discussed in order to resolve the Quicken error 409. Follow the instructions as given  below:

Solution 1: Deactivation of the accounts:

  • Firstly you need to go to the accounts menu.
  • Therefore now choose the hide and show accounts option.
  • Furthermore, uncheck any accounts with the specific financial institution.
  • These accounts may also be hidden in the lists.
  • Therefore go to the accounts>settings.
  • A financial institution section appears on the screen.
  • Now click on the troubling shooting steps.
  • Furthermore, click on the deactivate downloads.
  • Now click on save.
  • You need to perform this step with each account and its financial institution.

Solution 2: Reactivation of the account.

  • Firstly you need to select the primary account to reactivate.
  • Therefore go to the accounts>settings option.
  • Furthermore, click on the setup transaction download.
  • There appears a dialog box o the screen.
  • Furthermore, you need to type in the name of the financial institution.
  • Select the appropriate section according to your needs.
  • Then click on the options.
  • Now click on the type of connections.
  • Click on the continue option.
  • The above step will reactivate the account and eliminate the conflict causing the error.
  • Therefore now enter the login credentials.
  • Click on the continue option.
  • Furthermore, each of the accounts found with the appropriate account.
  • Nextly click on the continue option.
  • Therefore finish it.

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