Easy Steps to Resolve Quicken Error 2000 – Quicken Download Error

//Easy Steps to Resolve Quicken Error 2000 – Quicken Download Error

Easy Steps to Resolve Quicken Error 2000 – Quicken Download Error

Quicken Error 2000 – The Quicken Mac 2015 (or newer) may return one of the following errors when connecting to Direct Connect activated accounts as well as during account setup.

  • Error: Quicken Error 2001
  • Quicken Error 2002
  • Error: Quicken Error 2003
  • Quicken Error 2006
  • Quicken Error 2009

Furthermore, the financial institutions (FI) server returned an OFX response containing an OFX error indicating unrecognized account or user information also.

Quicken Error 2000

Quicken Error 2000

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Steps to fix Quicken Error 2000 – Quicken Support:

First and the foremost, check the account number, routing number, and customer ID information in Account Settings screen.

In case the Account, Routing and Customer ID information appears to you to be correct, please contact the FI Online Banking Support for assistance in determining why the information you have stored in Quicken is being rejected by their servers. Only they can resolve this error for you, as it requires them to confirm your account information on their servers against the account information you are using in Quicken.

Follow these instructions on how to get the Direct Access activity log to fix Quicken Error 2000:

  • First of all, Go to iBank and then select Preferences.
  • After selecting the Preferences you need to select General and then temporarily uncheck the ‘Automatically update documents’ also.
  • Furthermore, Go to Preferences and then Advanced. After that check, the box also, to enable Direct Access and OFX logging.
  • Now, force the broken account to refresh by clicking the cloud icon next to the account and click the Refresh Account button also.
  • Once this refresh attempt finishes (and likely will fail), click Cancel and go back to Preferences > Advanced and click the gear button next to the Log Direct Access and OFX connections and choose “Reveal in Finder”.
  • Drag and drop that DA-Activity.txt file into the contact form on our support page, www.iggsoftware.com/support or give it to the tech support representative that you are working with.

By following the above-mentioned process you can try to resolve the Quicken Error 2000. In case you need further help then contact Quicken Support.

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For more information please contact Quicken Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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