What are the Steps to Recover Lost Quicken Password?

//What are the Steps to Recover Lost Quicken Password?

What are the Steps to Recover Lost Quicken Password?

Lost Quicken Password – Quicken is intuitive financial software with potent encryption features. Quicken provides password protection facility for its users to ensure complete privacy and security of data.

Lost Quicken Password

Lost Quicken Password

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There are two types of password one is “Quicken login password” and another is “data files” password. Both passwords are equally important. There are very high chances that users may forget their password as humans tend to lose/ forget important details. These steps will help you retrieve your Quicken and data file password in an easy manner.

Reset the Password – Lost Quicken Password

  • Go to the login page of Quicken and click on the link “Forgot my password”.
  • Enter your login id and submit.
  • Select the delivery method for receiving the verification code from the list.
  • The “Text” is default recovery method, but one also opt for “Email me the coed instead”
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Now create a new and unique password.
  • Log in using the new password.

Recover Data File Password

Data file password is a bit different from Quicken login password so is the process of retrieving. Data file password prevents unauthorized access to your Quicken data. If in any case, you are no longer able to access your data file with your old password, Quicken offers an official tool to remove the current password and create a new one.

Alternatively one can click on the “forgot password link” and apply the same steps mentioned in the Quicken login password recovery.

Changing or Removing Quicken Password

I personally recommend changing your Quicken password frequently to maintain your account security. Also, if you don’t have sharp memory (just like me), you must change your password time-to-time because we people tend to forget old things.

Also, there is an option to remove the password for Quicken files, this can be also a good choice for low-memory people like me.

Change or Remove Password In Quicken

Open the Quicken software on your device.

  • Choose the option “File” and click “Set password for this data file’.
  • Now enter your old password, new password and again enter your new password to confirm your changes.
  • Click Ok and you’ve changed your password.

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If you wish to fix all these queries then call the Quicken Support for assistance. Also, when you place a call at our toll-free number, we redirect your call to one of our skilled technicians. Furthermore, the technician takes your issue and helps you fix it. Call now for Quicken Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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