Quickbooks Verify Error –The Quickbooks verify error normally deals with the error containing the file which is corrupted or has been damaged. When the Quickbooks verification process completes you will get a notification stating”.Quickbooks find some error in the company file. Try rebuilding your company file.

Quickbooks Verify Error

QuickBooks Verify Error

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Steps to resolve this issue: Quickbooks Verify Error Support.

Now in order to remove the Quickbooks Verify Error follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Use the rebuild data utility

  • Firstly open your computer and go to the file menu.
  • Now select the utility option.
  • Click on the rebuild data option.
  • A QuickBooks information window appears on the screen of the user.
  • Select the ok button.
  • Again a window appears on the screen asking you to make a backup.
  • After the rebuild has been completed click on the ok option.

Step 2: Verify the data utility.

  • Firstly open your file menu.
  • Therefore select the utilities>verify data.
  • Click on the ok button if no error appears on the screen.
  • Therefore if there is an issue then verify will ask you to rebuild now or view the errors causing issues.
  • Click on the close option.
  • Now press the F2 or F3 key to go to the tech help window.
  • Therefore Open the file tab.
  • A log file dialogue box appears on the screen.
  • Now highlight the log files.
  • Therefore select the send log files to Intuit support.
  • The support agent will review your file.
  • Therefore For windows press the Ctrl=F key to verify the log files.
  • For mac scroll down to the bottom to get the most recent available verify information.
  • Therefore find the line that contains the error.
  • Finally, Check the top damage errors and resolve the error.

Therefore by following these steps mentioned above, you will be easily able to resolve the issue. In case you find any difficulties in resolving the issue contact the Quickbooks contact team for help.

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