QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8

//QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8

QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8

QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8 – In case you are using Quickbooks with Windows 8, then you may face issues like QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8. Here we are going to describe the step by step procedure to resolve the issue QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8. You can follow the given procedure precisely or you may contact Quickbooks Support for help.

QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8

QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8

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Fixing the PDF File Issue, Step by Step

Here’s a list of possible fixes that you can try on your own, starting with the simplest. These apply to any version of Windows and any year of QuickBooks version. Note, though, that the older the year of QuickBooks the more likely that you will have a problem like this. And, note, that if you have a 64-bit computer/laptop system you are more likely to run into these problems than on a 32-bit system.

First Step

The first step is very simple. If you see this kind of message when doing a “save as PDF”, try saving it a second time. It might work! You’ll be more likely run into this with QuickBooks 2011 or later versions, which use the Microsoft XPS driver. QuickBooks tries to save, can’t, and so starts a process to install a hook for the XPS driver in the background. The second time you try it, the driver is there!


Second Step – Try to Update!

OK, that first fix probably didn’t work for you. The next step is ALSO very simple, in some of the cases. Make sure that you have the most current release of your QuickBooks product installed. Go to the Intuit Update website and now see what the latest release is for your version of QuickBooks. If you don’t know what you are running then press the F2 key in QuickBooks (or, if that doesn’t work, ctrl-1) and look for the product information in it. In most cases, older revisions are more likely to have compatibility problems.


This is particularly important if you are running the QuickBooks 2013 on Windows 8 because the one and only version of QuickBooks 2013 supported on Windows 8 is the R4 release (the most current release at the time I’m writing this).

Third Step – Repair Tools

Now we get to the “real” fixes of all, where you try to change some of the features in your Windows system to make this work. Fortunately, Intuit has some VERY nice tools available that can do the heavy lifting for you. These have been updated recently so if you have tried this before and failed to resolve the issue, you may want to try these again.

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After following the above steps you will be able to resolve the issue QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8. In case you still need help then you may contact QuickBooks Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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