How to fix QuickBooks Script Error

//How to fix QuickBooks Script Error

How to fix QuickBooks Script Error

Quickbooks script error occurs by the settings within the browser as you already know that the QuickBooks uses the internet explorer to display all the web pages.

It displays an error stating ”An error occurred on the script of the page”


Quickbooks script error

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The webpage may not load or open and will pop up with the error script error message causing your web browser o interrupt and run slowly. If it continues to run you may hang up your device and your computer may not respond.

Quickbooks script error – Here are some fixes provide for you to so that you can get back to exporting your data from the QuickBooks online. Before proceeding with the below-given steps you need to turn off the notification on every script explorer whether be it in internet explorer 7,8 or 9.

Causes of the Quickbooks script error: 

  • Basically when the account number or the name which is being used is already present.
  • The bill or the invoice imported has an account very different from accounts due.
  • While importing a dealing for which the account has not been created.


  • Firstly open the internet explorer on your computer.
  • The drop-down menu appears with the tool menu.
  • Therefore select the internet option.
  • Make sure that you are using a 32-bit version of the internet explorer.
  • Nextly clear the cache and the cookies in the internet explorer.
  •         To clear the cache and cookies perform the steps given below:
  •           Select the tools button option.
  •           Moreover, click on the safest option.
  •           Now delete the browsing history.
  •           Once check the cookies site.
  •           Lastly, click on the delete option.
  • Now close the internet explorer browser window that appears on the screen.
  • Again open the internet explorer.
  • Further, go to the QuickBooks online and began exporting the files again.

These steps will help you to easily fix the error so that you can easily use the QuickBooks. In case you find any trouble in fixing the issues then you can contact the Quickbook customer helpline number.

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If you wish to fix all these queries then call the QuickBooks Support for assistance. Also, when you place a call at our toll-free number, we redirect your call to one of our skilled technicians. Furthermore, the technician takes your issue and helps you fix it. Call now for QuickBooks Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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