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How to fix “QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open.” error.

//How to fix “QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open.” error.

How to fix “QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open.” error.

QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open error. QuickBooks is one of the best kind of software that ensures accounting in your business so that you can handle your business in the best possible way.

In another word, we can also say that QuickBooks accounting software is commonly used by small and medium-sized businesses to get their accounting maintained in the most professional way.

It is a useful software that stores all Companies, Vendors, Employees or Customer data, such as templates, logos, letters and images in QBW file.



       Some Basic Reasons for ‘QuickBooks already has a Company file open’ error

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QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open error.  – We  have many reasons as to why this error occurs and these reasons are as follows:

  1. ‘Folder permission’ issue
  2. Many QuickBooks Desktop Company file is already open
  3. Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks Desktop Company (QBW) file

Solutions for ‘QuickBooks already has a Company file open’ error

QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open error. Solution to fix this given error is as follows:

  • Open the QuickBooks Company file directly from QuickBooks Desktop – In QuickBooks Desktop, firstly open the QuickBooks Company file directly. This solution will be useful in case of ‘folder permission’ issues.


  • Prevent QuickBooks Desktop windows from opening automatically – If, there are many windows opened in the Company file, try to stop all of those from opening automatically.


  • Change the name TLG and ND files that accompanies QuickBooks Company file – If the TLG and ND files with the QuickBooks Company file is affected, you are required to rename both TLG and ND files. The reason is, renaming these files assist in opening the QuickBooks Company file.


  • Change the location of QuickBooks Company file to another location – In any case, the QuickBooks Company file is available in the network drive, transfer it to the local drive of the computer system that is being used. If the local file opens, troubleshoot the network configuration. Now, download and run the inbuilt ‘QuickBooks File Doctor’ tool.


  • Check the Properties and File Extension of QuickBooks Company File – First Check the properties and file extension. You have to make sure that the type of file is ‘QuickBooks Company file’ and the file-size is 7MB.


  • Rename the QuickBooks Company File – Rename the QuickBooks Company file with a name that has not more than three letters. The original file extension has to be kept the same.

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