Pogo Games System Requirements – This article will explain the system requirements to play Pogo games on Windows and Mac and teach you about the Compatibility Scan tool on Pogo.com.

Pogo Games System Requirements

Pogo Games System Requirements

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System requirements for Pogo and Compatibility Scan Tool

Browser/Operating System Not Supported! error

If you need help determining whether you can play Pogo games using your current (operating system) OS and browser, you can use the Pogo Compatibility Scan tool. This tool automatically scans your computer and browser to alert you if you might have trouble using Pogo.

At the bottom of the screen, you can find your computer’s System Information that can help identify if you’re using the correct software to play Pogo games.

Pogo requirements for Windows

Here is a listing of Operating Systems and Browsers that are compatible to play Pogo games. If you’re using an Operating System or Browser not found in this list, you may need to switch to one of these.

  • Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)
  • Edge – Does not support Java games
  • Chrome – Does not support Java games

Pogo requirements for Mac

Mac (latest version)
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

Unsupported browsers

  • AOL
  • Opera
  • Old versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • Pale Moon

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