Five most common Outlook Send/Receive errors and their solutions?

//Five most common Outlook Send/Receive errors and their solutions?

Five most common Outlook Send/Receive errors and their solutions?

Five common Outlook Send Receive errors solutions – Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used and popular applications amongst the people, and it is designed by Microsoft. Outlook comes along with the Microsoft suite. Microsoft Outlook gives you the provision of sending and receiving emails. The Microsoft Outlook can be used either offline as a desktop application or online as a web-based application. Outlook makes it very easy for all of us to send and receive emails in a fast speed and very secure manner.

Five common Outlook Send Receive errors solutions

Five common Outlook Send Receive errors solutions

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While using the Microsoft Outlook, you may face some common issues such as some error codes, unable to send/receive the emails, Outlook starts crashing frequently or becomes very slow, or sending out spam emails. There are so many issues but you can try some basic troubleshooting to resolve them on your own before visiting the customer support. if you are not able to send/receive email properly, this might be a very frustrating situation. Sometimes Outlook starts prompting for the password, as Outlook cannot remember your password.

5 most common Outlook Send/Receive errors and solutions:

  1. None Of the Authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server – Send/Receive error code 0x800CCC80:

    • When you try to send an email from the Outlook then this error appears on the screen of your system or device. The send/receive error code 0x800CCC80 can be caused by the Wrong Outgoing Mail Server Settings.
  • Solution:
    • To resolve the error, you need to change your Outlook account settings.
    • In order to edit the account settings, you need to go to Outlook File Menu, then select Account settings.
    • Now click on your email account, and then click More Settings.
    • Select Outlook server and check the box in front of “My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” option.
    • Now again you are required to tick the checkbox in front of “LogOn to incoming server before sending mail”.
    • If the above steps do not resolve the issue then you may use Repair option from the Outlook account settings.

2. The outlook data file cannot be accessed – Send/Receive error code 8004010F:

  • While sending or receiving the email this error message occurs. This error code 8004010F can be occurred due to the wrong location of email storage.
  • Solution:
    • In order to resolve this error, you need to make sure that the Outlook is saving the emails or data files to the correct location.
    • The location of emails can be wrong, in case of multiple email accounts.
    • You are now required to remove the data files from your account settings.
    • To remove data files, go to data files list and click remove or erase, then add them back.
    • If the above steps do not resolve the issue then you may try to change the folder where the emails are being saved.
    • To change the folder, select account from the file menu, and go to Account settings then click “Change Folder”.
    • There may be other issues such as:
    • Your Outlook profile is configured incorrectly: you can create a new account profile and then add your previous data files.
    • Outlook does not have enough permissions to write the data files: After the Windows upgradation you face this issue, to resolve this issue, you may need the ownership on the data.

3. “The Operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”- Send/Receive error:

  • When you send/receive an email from Outlook then you may get this error “Object not found” popped up on your screen.
  • If your Outlook profile is corrupt:
    • To resolve the issue, click on the start button in the bottom left corner of the screen then select Control Panel.
    • Click Mail and then Mail setup.
    • Now you need to select Show Profiles and then click Add, to create a new profile.
    • Enter your email id and password, in order to add your email accounts.
    • Now use your new account to open Outlook and then try to send an email.
    • The above process will help you to resolve the error.
  • If there is an error in the SMTP settings:
    • In this scenario, you need to configure the SMTP settings in the Outlook manually.
    • To add the SMTP setting, you may remove the email account from Outlook and then add it again.
    • While adding the email account make sure you do not select the auto-detect mail server settings option.
    • Add SMTP settings manually, if you do not know the SMTP settings then you may contact your email provider.

4. “The Operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server”- Send/Receive error code 0x8004210A:

  • When you try to send/receive an email from Outlook then you may get this error code popped up on your screen.
  • The reasons for this error and their solutions are given below.
  • If your connection with the mail server is too slow:
    • First, you need to free up the internet connection.
    • Try to close all the download and also stops all the online activities you are doing.
    • If still face the same issue then you can try to increase the server timeout period of your mail.
    • Open Outlook, go to the File and then click Account Settings.
    • Now select your email account then click More Settings and then click Advanced option.
    • Select “increase your mail server timeout period” option, and then increase accordingly.
  • If Receiving or sending emails with large size of attachments:
    • Your email account will be locked during the entire process of receiving or sending the large email attachments.
    • If the process is taking too much time and another email has also been started automatically before completing the first one then, you will receive server timed out error or your mailbox is already locked.
    • To avoid this error you must wait until the first email received or sent successfully.
    • You may also try to connect your email with the internet and then remove some emails which are not so important.
  • If you are scanning all your incoming and outgoing emails using your Antivirus:
    • Antivirus can intervene in the process of sending/receiving the emails.
    • The above step can cause a delay in receiving or sending the emails.
    • To resolve this issue, it is required to disable your antivirus.
    • If disabling the antivirus does not resolve the issue, then contact your antivirus provider for more help and support.
  • If your firewall is blocking the send/ receive process:
    • You need to disable your firewall, as it sometimes blocks you to reach out the mail server.

5. “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”- Send/Receive error code 8:

  • When you send/receive emails by using a proxy server then this error may be triggered.
  • If the Windows root certificate is outdated or expired:
    • For updating the root certificate, go to Windows Update center and check for the root certificate updates.
    • Now install all these updates and start sending or receiving the emails.
  • If you are using a self-signed certificate:
    • A self-signed certificate is already added to the Intermediate Certification Authorities.
    • Now you need to remove it and import it again to the trusted authorities list.
    • This will resolve the error.

The Above listed errors are very common Outlook send/receive an error, If you face any other issue related to the Outlook then you may contact Outlook Support or visit us at for more information and support.

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