Fix Norton Error 8921 – While using any product in your computer, it is common to find errors. But the relief is that we have solutions as well. The same thing happens with Norton antivirus. You may also find errors while using it in your PC. However, the Norton Support team works 24×7 and goes a step ahead to fix the bugs. So that you get the resolutions as quickly as possible. The complete protection of its use has always been the primary of Norton. It protects from all the cyber threats and ensures a great protection of your computer.

Fix Norton Error 8921

Fix Norton Error 8921

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Method 1. You Can Restart Your Computer to Fix Norton Error 8921

It is not a secret that restart resolves most of the issue in your computer. So, why it happens? In simple words, reboot dumps out the junk and restart your computer in a fresh condition. So, you need to try this method to fix Norton Error 8921. Follow the stepwise procedure:

  • You need to close all the running applications on your computer.
  • Secondly, move your cursor to the down-left corner of your computer and click on start icon.
  • Afterward, you need to locate the option of ‘Shut Down’ in the opened menu list.
  • From that option, you can also select ‘restart’ to reboot your computer.

Once you click on ‘restart’ option, you simply need to wait until the computer restarts. Make sure that the problem is fixed after the restart. If not then move ahead and follow the next step.

Method 2. You Can Run the Norton LiveUpdate to Fix Norton Error 8921

Most of the errors occur in your computer due to some bugs. If you update the product related to that error, may solve the issue. Same happens in the case of Norton. If you want to fix Norton Error 8921 then you need to run the LiveUpdate. There is a maximum chance that the issue can be fixed by this simple step. Follow the provided space:

  • Switch on your PC and double-click on the Norton icon to start the Norton application.
  • Wait till the main window of Norton opens.
  • Once the main window opens, go ahead and select ‘security’ option.
  • Just after that, you need to click on the ‘LiveUpdate’ option.
  • Now, you need to finish for some time to let the LiveUpdate finish.
  • Once it finishes, click on ‘ok’ button.

You need to keep updating it until you get a message of ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates.’ This message ensures that the problem is resolved. If you find that the issue is still persisting then you can simply move to the next given step or you can contact Norton Support.

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