Netgear Router Login IP Address – General question pops into the mind after buying Netgear Router is “What is my Netgear Router Login IP Address”. Here in this article, we would like to provide some detailed information to extract the Netgear Routers Login IP address from the manufacturer prospects. Generally, when you buy a Netgear Router it comes with default login access page by going through or Mostly, it brings the Netgear Router login page within seconds if everything goes as mentioned by the manufacturer. In case, if some settings were changed by the user either it might be at the end of the router or at the PC level, it’s better to look for an alternative in order to get Netgear Router Login page. Let’s look at how to access the page using the IP address.

Netgear Router Login IP Address

Netgear Router Login IP Address

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Netgear Router Login IP Address – Netgear Router Support:

As a network administrator, I have seen many who failed to configure the Netgear Router to access the internet through it. Of course, we are there to help them. If one failed to get the login page of Netgear router, the only chance to get Netgear Router login page is via IP addresses. Here the steps in brief on how to enable IP address access to change the basic settings of Netgear Wireless Router.


  1. First of all, make sure to switch on the router and it should be connected to PC either through a wire or wirelessly.
  2. Furthermore, configure the IP address if it is static.

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Here are the steps to consider in order to check the IP address of the Netgear Router.


  • First of all, open Command Prompt or press the combination of “Windows + R” then enter “cmd“.
  • Furthermore, it will bring you the command prompt screen. Type “ipconfig” then hit enter.
  • Scroll down until you see a label “Default Gateway” which is your Netgear Router Login IP for the current session.

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