Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 – Easy Steps to Fix Kaspersky Error

//Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 – Easy Steps to Fix Kaspersky Error

Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 – Easy Steps to Fix Kaspersky Error

Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 – Have you stumbled upon Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 when using the Kaspersky Antivirus on your computer? If you are looking for an instant fix to be able to protect your important data then we recommend you to call Kaspersky Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003

Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003

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Kaspersky is a Cyber-Security and Antivirus provider for both Windows and Mac computers. They provide very user-friendly services but sometimes a user may face issue due to lack of technical information or glitch. One of these errors is Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003. This error can easily be fixed by following a few troubleshooting steps.in this article, we will discuss all these steps in length, follow them precisely.

Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 – Key File Blacklisted

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To fix these errors and Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003, you can follow the below-listed steps.

Method 1: Run System File Checker (SFC) Utility

  • Click Start and start typing on your keyboard for “cmd” in the search box.
  • In your search results, cmd should show up with a black icon.
  • Right-click on it and select Run as administrator from the pop-up.
  • If you are prompted for the admin password, enter the password and click OK.
  • A new black window will open. You can type commands directly into this window.
  • Enter SFC/SCANNOW and press Enter.
  • This may take a while. Do not terminate or close this window.

Once the System File Checker is complete, check whether the Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 is fixed or not. If not, then you can go to the next method.

Method 2: Delete Junk and Temporary Files from Computer

Over time, your computer accumulates junk files from normal web surfing and computer use. If this junk isn’t occasionally cleaned out, it can cause Kaspersky and Computer to respond slowly or provides a 0x804C0003 error. Due to file conflicts or an overloaded hard drive. Cleaning up these temporary files with Disk Cleanup might not only solve your 0x804C0003 error but can also dramatically speed up the performance of your computer.

  • On your Windows computer, Press on the Win Key + R at the same time.
  • Wait for the Run box to open on your computer.
  • Type “CLEANMGR” (“cleanmgr.exe” works too) in the Run box and press Enter Key.
  • The cleanup may take a while, wait until it finishes.

Check whether the Kasper-sky Error 0x804C0003 is fixed or not. You can try the next method or call the Kaspersky Support.

Method 3: Run a Full System Scan

Sometimes due to malware, the Kaspersky software may show the Kaspersky Error 0x804C0003 on your computer. To remove the malware and fix this error, we recommend you to run the full system scan and then delete and fix the possible malware.

  • Open the Kaspersky Antivirus on your computer device.
  • Then click on the Scan button.
  • When you are asked for Full Scan or Quick Scan, choose  Full Scan.
  • The full system scan may take a while to finish.
  • Let the scan finish, do not terminate or close the application until the scan is over.
  • After the scan is complete, check for malware and remove them manually from the computer.

If you face any issue with the above-mentioned steps then you can get the Kaspersky Support. Get instant Kaspersky Support just by placing a call at the toll-free number and reach to a skilled technician. For Kaspersky Support give us a call at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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