HP Printer in Error Mode – This Error could be caused by many reasons on your device. It may be related to the HP Printer or to the compatibility of both printer and computer. HP Printer in Error Mode leads to a printing error and your HP Printer is unable to print anything after your command. The common reasons and symptom of the HP Printer in Error Mode are listed below, this list can help you avoid the error with HP Printer.

HP Printer in Error Mode

HP Printer in Error Mode

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  • Whenever you give a print command to your printer you get HP Printer Error message “Printer in Error Mode”  or “Offline” written on your computer screen.
  • This HP Printer in Error state can possibly be caused by software related issue or hardware related issue.
  • We will discuss troubleshooting steps to fix both the Software and Hardware related Error.

Check the Connections and Restart the Devices

To avoid any hardware related error causing your printer to display HP Printer in Error Mode can be fixed. You just to be cautious while using your Printer. Check this list to avoid and remove any HP Printer Error.

  • To remove the error related to connection, disconnect your Printer from power source and computer.
  • Check the cables, whether the cables are ragged or not. If the cables are not in a good state then get a new pair of cables for your device.
  • Only after removing the printer from the power supply, clean the printer with a dry cloth.
  • Take out the paper tray and check whether there is any piece of paper got stuck inside it causing an error while printing.
  • Also, check the ink level of the Ink Cartridge of the HP Printer.
  • Re-establish the connection again. Connect the printer to the power supply and use a USB cable to connect HP Printer and Computer.
  • After restarting the HP Printer, take out a rough print.
  • If the Printer still shows the error then maybe your error is software related. Go to the next part to fix the HP Printer in Error Mode.

Uninstall and Reinstall HP Printer Driver

To avoid the software related error, we recommend you to keep the Printer Driver up-to-date. If the reason for your error related to software then the first thing you can try is to remove the HP printer driver from your computer and reinstall it to fix any issue.

  • To uninstall HP Printer Driver on your Windows Computer, click Start button at the bottom-left of your screen.
  • Go to the Control Panel and choose the category view to click on Uninstall a Program.
  • From the list of all installed application on your device, right-click on HP Printer Driver.
  • Choose to Uninstall. Once the Driver is removed, Restart the Computer.

To fix the HP Printer in Error Mode, you have to reinstall the HP Printer Driver. You can either use a CD or install the Software from the internet. For internet installation, follow these steps.

  • On your web browser, go to the HP Printer Support – Software and Driver Download page.
  • On this web page, enter the HP Product Serial Number or the name of the Printer. Search the Driver.
  • Click on the download button for the driver result for your Printer.
  • Once the download is finished, double-click on it to start the installer.
  • Follow the instructions of the installer and HP Printer Driver is installed.
  • Using the HP Printer Driver, try and take out a rough print.
  • If the HP Printer in Error Mode is still there then you can try other methods to fix the error with the HP Printer.

Go to the next part to fix the error or you can call the HP Printer Support for assistance.

Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

If you are unable to pin the error type on your HP Printer. The HP Print and Scan Doctor came to your rescue. Also, yo fix the error with the HP Printer, you can use this tool designed by HP. follow these steps to run this tool on your device.

  • Open the web browser and keep your computer & HP Printer connected.
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor and follow the on-screen instruction to install it.
  • Then open the tool and when you see the Start screen, click Next.
  • The list of all printers attached to your computer will appear.
  • Choose the one you wish to fix and click Next.
  • On the next screen choose either Fix Printing or Fix Scanning.
  • Once the diagnosis is finished, check out the issues with your printer.
  • If there is any error then you can fix them by allowing the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Just follow the on-screen instructions to get rid of HP Printer in Error Mode.

If the Error related to your HP printer is still there, even after following all the troubleshooting steps. And you want to know about more steps how to fix HP printer. Then you may need the help of a skilled technician. For this service, you can call us at a toll-free number and get instant HP Printer Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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