HP Printer Error E4 – This error happens during printing when the printer stops feeding the pages and the control panel displays an alternating letter E and a numerical number 4 with the error icon displayed as ERROR! and the paper error icon with the blinking of the  INK ALERT LIGHT. This notification shows that the paper might have been jammed in the printer. The paper jams which shows an error may be false or true because the printer might again report a problem or paper jam even when there is no jammed paper.

HP Printer Error E4

HP Printer Error E4

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Identification of the jammed paper should be done from the user’s computer moreover the user should also search the jammed paper inside the printer as well.


Click on the “Cancel printing option” displayed on the screen of the user. When the printer passes the printing process and a clear check should be done to see whether the jammed paper got cleared or not.


Clearing of the paper can also be done manually:
  • The jammed paper should be removed from the output tray by the user. Do it very gently to avoid the tearing of papers.
  • Make the use of a flashlight in order to inspect whether there are any bits of paper still present inside.
  • Press the “RESUME” button to continue printing.
  • The user needs to move the INK CARTRIDGE across the width of the printer.
  • Wait till the carriage comes to the center.
  • Thus the printer resetting becomes a way more convenient option for fixing the paper ERROR ISSUE E4.
  • Reconnect the printer again to check whether the error occurs or not.


The position of the cartridges should be checked:
  • There may be cases where the carriage might get stuck inside the printer. Then the user needs to move the carriage to the left side if struck on the right and if struck in the middle move to the right.
  • When the cartridge has been properly inserted the cartridge door need to be closed for the documents to get printed.
  • Now, the printing process can be carried on with the printer.

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