HP ENVY 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4

//HP ENVY 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4

HP ENVY 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4

HP ENVY 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4 – These type of errors are very common and can be resolved by following the basic troubleshooting steps. But you need to make sure that you use genuine Ink on the printer as well as the printer is properly configured. The printer can be configured with USB and Wireless as well. You also need to make sure that you are not using a surge protector to power the printer. Here we are going to discuss the common issues and steps to resolve the HP Envy 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4.

HP Envy 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4

HP Envy 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4

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HP Printer Error Codes List:

  • HP Envy 5540 error code oxc4eb82c3
  • Printer HP Envy 5540 error code 0xb87c60f6
  • HP Envy 5540 error code 0xb8602f6c
  • Error CODE OXB87C66BE

The above-listed error codes are related to HP Envy 5540 All-in-one printer. HP Support executives will also be able to provide you the solution for:

  • HP Envy error codes like HP Envy 4500 error code ox83c0000a
  • HP Envy 4520 error code like HP Envy 4520 error code oxc4eb8000
  • The Printer HP Envy 5020 error codes such as HP Envy 5020 printer error 0XB801A4EC.

Our experts will help you to resolve all type of hp envy 5540 printer problems as well as offer you timely resolution.

Solutions to resolve HP ENVY 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4:

Solution 1 – Hard Reset the Printer:

  • First of all, you need to turn on the printer, which giving you the error.
  • Now, wait until the printer is idle and silent before you continue and then disconnect the USB cable from the printer’s backside.
  • In case the printer has a network or wireless connection, then you do not require to disconnect it.
  • Now uninstall the ink cartridges from the printer and clear them using a lint-free cloth.
  • Now, disconnect the power cord from the printer and from the wall outlet or power strip while the printer is on.
  • After that, wait at least 60 seconds and then plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  • You need to make sure that the printer power cord is directly connected to a wall outlet.
  • Now reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer and then turn on the printer.
  • In most of the cases, the printer turns on automatically, if not then follow the above step.
  • Now, wait as the printer might go through a warm-up period and printer lights might flash.
  • In the warm-up period, the carriage might move also.
  • You need to wait until the warm-up period finishes and your printer is idle and silent before continuing further.
  • Now reinstall the ink cartridges and close the ink cartridge access door then wait.
  • In case you receive a prompt to print a calibration page then you need to do the same.
  • Now reconnect it to the rear of the printer, if you disconnected it.
  • Once you tried all the above steps then Try to print a test page, if failed then contact HP Printer Support.

Solution 2 – Steps to Uninstall and Reinstall the driver:

The process to Uninstall HP Printer:

  • First, Click on the start button, select the Control Panel, and then select Program and Features.
  • Now click on the Programs and then click Uninstall a program option.
  • Now select the product which you want to remove from the list of software and then click the Uninstall button.
  • You need to wait until the removal of the product is finished,
  • After the successful removal of the product restart your system to save the changes to your system.

The process to Install HP Printer:

  • You need to visit hp.com and then enter the model number or name of your printer in the search field.
  • Select your printer from the list, click Download Now and then save the file on your desktop.
  • Now double click on the installer file to run the setup and then click Yes to confirm the installation of the driver.
  • In order to accept the terms and conditions click Accept and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Now click on the Wired connection, if you want to connect with a USB cable and then follow the instructions.
  • If you want to connect over the wireless network then click on the wireless connection from the wizard.
  • Now connect USB cable between the system and your printer on a temporary basis.
  • Select your network from the list and then enter the password provided by your service provider.
  • Click connect and then remove the USB cable from both the ends, when prompted.
  • Now, wait to finish the process, and then click Close, after the successful installation of the HP Printer driver.
  • You can now start the application by double-clicking on the HP Printer icon on the desktop.

You can follow the above-mentioned methods to resolve the HP ENVY 5540 Error Code 0XB80003E4. In case you face the same issue after following the above steps then you may visit us at 123.hp.com/setup for help. You can also connect HP Printer Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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