Quick Solutions For the HP Laptop Battery Issues

//Quick Solutions For the HP Laptop Battery Issues

Quick Solutions For the HP Laptop Battery Issues

HP Laptop Battery Issues – HP has been supplying computer and related products for a long time and it is because of the satisfactory customer service that they have been the first choice of a large population across the world. Computers and laptops are bound to face technical problems. HP is also not free from such issues; one of the many issues faced by HP Inspiron is that the battery does not charge. There could be ample of reasons leading this fault and the troubleshooting solution depends on it. Although HP Laptop Support provides general solutions for people belonging to the non-technical background and the ones who have knowledge of electronics can follow this method of fixing the power supply.

Fix HP Laptop Battery Issues

HP Laptop Battery Issues

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Steps to fix HP Laptop Battery Issues – HP Laptop Support:

There are three pins in the connector that comes from the PSU i.e. Outer sleeve, Inner sleeve, and the Center pin. The center pin is essential as the battery would not charge in its absence or if it is faulty. There might be chances that the system is working after connecting with the power but the battery is not charging. It is due to the faulty Center pin (5v)

Troubleshooting steps to fix HP Laptop battery issues:

  • First of all, use a multimeter to check the voltage of the 5v.
  • Be very attentive not to short with the inner sleeve (20v)
  • Furthermore, you are advised to use a plastic straw to separate these two and avoid an accident.
  • If the multimeter shows less than 5v then the problem is with the center pin but more than 5v indicates that the problem is not related to this pin.
  • In addition, remove the power cables to disconnect the power supply from the wall outlet.
  • Now, use a sharp object to cut the insulator plastic which is covering the connector. You should be careful not to cut very deep and damage the wires.
  • After cutting the plastic insulator you will be able to find that the wire that links the center pin is broken. You will have to re-solder the broken wire.

This method might be relevant for you if you are well acquitted with electronics knowledge but in case, you did not find it helpful or the steps are not clear, then you should connect with the HP Support Number. You can either call or send an email to the experts are available to provide round the clock services.

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If you wish to fix all these queries then call the HP Laptop Support for assistance. Also, when you place a call at our toll-free number, we redirect your call to one of our skilled technicians. Furthermore, the technician takes your issue and helps you fix it. Call now for HP Laptop Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1772 (UK).

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