Garmin Wifi Error Code 0800

Garmin is one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the domain of GPS-based Consumer products. Its extensive list of the cutting-edge and intuitive product range guarantees an unmatched user-experience. 

Despite the fact that it is designed for accuracy and optimized performance, it is not immune to technical glitches from time to time. In fact, one of the most recurring issues relates to WiFi Connectivity. It is quite common that users experience these connectivity issues. These issues may result from problems in your Network or Computer/ Mobile Device apart from the Garmin Device/ Application. 

Garmin Wifi Error Code 0800 is one such issue that occurs when you try to manage your Device on Garmin Express. Most of the times, it happens when you try to Install Software or Map update. In the middle of an important process like Update, you get the message that “Garmin Express must be closed”. It accompanies Garmin Wifi Connection Failed, or Garmin Wifi Error Code 0800. You will constantly get this message on your screen. Thus, interrupting your task. 

Garmin Wifi Error Code 0800

Get Rid of “Garmin Wifi Error Code 0800”

In order to get rid of this frustrating problem, you must Uninstall Garmin Express and Clear the Garmin Express Data. Thereafter, Re-install the software again. 

Uninstall Garmin Express

In the very first place, Uninstall Garmin Express from your system. This is a simple task wherein you can remove the software from the system’s “Control Panel”. However, in case of a Mac Device, simply Drag and Drop the software from the “Applications” folder to the “Trash” folder.

Remove The Garmin Data

  1. Launch the “Run” dialog box on your “Computer”.
  2. Type “%localappdata%” in the following “Search” box.
  3. Then, press the “Enter” key.
  4. This will open the “Local” folder. 
  5. Now, locate the “Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid” folder.
  6. Then, right-click on it.
  7. From the following list of options, select “Delete”.
  8. As a result, it will delete this Folder from your system. Meanwhile, click “Yes” if it seeks your permission.
  9. Finally, click “Finish” and Restart your System.

Reinstall Garmin Express

  1. Open your Internet Browser like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc..
  2. Visit Garmin’s official website. For this, use “” as the URL to enter in your Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit “Enter”.
  3. The following webpage displays Download Links for both the Windows and Mac Device.
  4. Hence, click on the Download Link according to your Computer’s OS. 
  5. Wait while the Setup File downloads. Meanwhile, you may have to specify a dedicated download location for the Setup File. Hence, choose “Save” or “Save As” on the pop-up box. Then, click “Browse” and select a preferred location. 
  6. Once the download completes, open the downloaded file.
  7. Now, click “Run” to launch the Installer. 
  8. Click “Yes” on the following User Account Control window. 
  9. This launches the Setup Installer. Hence, follow the on-screen prompts to install Garmin Express
  10. During the process, you will get terms for “Software Licence Agreement”. Make sure to read the respective terms very carefully.
  11. After completing the “Installation” process, make sure to Reboot your Computer. 
  12. Subsequently, launch Garmin Express. Then, check if “Garmin Wifi Error Code 0800” has solved or not.