Garmin WiFi Connection Failed

Garmin has been serving users with its cutting-edge, reliable GPS-based Consumer Devices with an aim to simplify their busy lifestyles. It offers an extensive range of devices covering Sat-Nav, Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Sports and Fitness, Wearables, and Outdoor Recreation. In other words, it is using its expertise to facilitate you in every possible walk of your life. In order to manage these innovative devices, it gives you user-friendly management hubs like Garmin Express and Garmin Connect. While one grants you access on your Desktop, the other works on your Mobile Devices. 

Garmin Connect also comes with the added advantage of the online Connect community. As such, you can share the data, especially the progress of your Sports and Fitness activities with your community. In order to transfer data from your Garmin Device to Garmin Connect, you must connect it with a Mobile Device with a pre-installed application over your WiFi Network. However, at times, you may experience issues like “Garmin WiFi Connection Failed”. This is essentially a difficulty in connecting to the Network that can be caused by multiple reasons. 

garmin wifi connection failed

Determine The Problem Area

Before attempting any troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue, first, you must identify its source area. For instance, the problem could occur in any of the following areas.

  • Phone: Use a different Mobile Device to connect with the Garmin Device. If the problem persists, it rules out the possibility of a problem with your Mobile Device. 
  • Internet and Network: Connect your Devices to a different Network like a Public Network to check if the cause of concern is your Network. In case if it connects to the Network. 
  • Garmin Connect / Garmin Device: In case if everything else is functioning properly, the problem could be due to your Garmin Device or Application. 

Fix “Garmin WiFi Connection Failed” Issue

In order to resolve this issue, you must tackle the problem area. However, there are a few things that you must always consider before attempting any troubleshooting procedures.

  • All your Devices and Software etc. must be up-to-date. For instance, Garmin Device, Garmin Connect, Smartphone’s OS etc. 
  • Properly Install the latest version of Garmin Connect.
  • Turn On Bluetooth and WiFi on your Mobile Device. 
  • Correctly Register, Connect and Pair your Garmin Device with your Mobile Device.
  • Properly Connect both the Smartphone and the Garmin Device to the same WiFi Network.
  • Make sure to use the correct “Password” for the WiFi Network.
  • “Airplane Mode” on your Smartphone must be turned Off.
  • In case of the Internet with Usage Caps, ensure that you haven’t exceeded the limit. 
  • Make sure to properly log in to the Garmin Account. 
  • Place your Garmin Device within 20 ft. of your Smartphone. Some “Devices” might require you to move within 10 ft. of the Smartphone.  

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Close and Re-open Garmin Connect.
  2. Restart all the devices including Router/ Modem, Mobile Device and Garmin Device. 
  3. Reconfigure both the Garmin and Mobile Device to the WiFi Network.
  4. Properly “Pair” the Garmin Device with your Mobile Device. 
  5. You can even try to completely remove the Garmin Device from the Network and Garmin Connect. Then, uninstall Garmin Connect. Thereafter, complete the Setup process once again. 
  6. Move closer to your Router and eliminate any interference in its “Line Of Sight”. 
  7. Clean your Browser Cache and Delete History.
  8. Clear the DNS Cache of your Smartphone.
  9. Reset the Router. 
  10. Reset your Smartphone’s WiFi Network Settings.
  11. Check your ISP for Server Outages.
  12. Factory Reset your Garmin Device.
  13. Fix interfering third-party software. For instance, Anti-virus, Firewall etc.
  14. Try running System and Network Diagnostic Tools on your Mobile Device. 

After following the above methods your issue related to “Garmin WiFi Connection Failed” will be resolved. In case you need any help related to the Garmin then you can contact Garmin Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).