Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi

Garmin Fitness, Sports and Outdoor category Devices has equipped users with the ability to track their activities for improved performance. These Devices integrate the benefits of GPS enabled gadgets with smart features of Activity Monitoring products. Not only that, these Gadgets come with the advantage to view, analyse and share your recorded activity data. This is done on your Computing Devices including Smartphones by means of Applications like Garmin Connect. In other words, your Garmin Device saves all the relevant activities throughout the day. Thereafter, when both the Device and Smartphone with Garmin App are hooked to a WiFi Network, it syncs the data. To put it differently, Garmin Device connects to the Paired Smartphone over your WiFi Network and transfers data. However, at times, this process fails with an error “Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi”.

In short, what you encounter is a Connectivity Failure whenever you try to connect your Garmin Device to your Smartphone/ Computer etc. over the WiFi Network. As a result, your Device displays a “Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi” message with or without an Error Code. This issue may occur during the time Setup or Usage leading to disappointment.  

Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi

Causes Of The Problem

Most of the times, “Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi” results from one or more of the following reasons.

  • WiFi Network Issues
  • Garmin App Issues
  • Garmin Device Issues
  • Smartphone Issues

These are just the broad category of concerns wherein the actual cause may range from Slow Download Speed, Weak Signal Strength, Outdated Apps/ Software, to Third-party Software Issues and a lot more.  

Troubleshoot “Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi”

Whatever is the cause of trouble for “Garmin Not Connecting To Wifi”, you must immediately look for solutions that can save you from further problems. 

  1. Close the Garmin App and reopen it.
  2. Perform a Power Cycle Operation on your Router/ Modem and Computer/ Smartphone. For this, turn off your Computer/ Smartphone followed by your Router/ Modem. Now, disconnect the devices from the Power Source. Then, wait for 30-40 seconds. Thereafter, plug in the devices back to the Power Source. After that, turn On the Router/ Modem followed by your Computer/ Smartphone. 
  3. Along with that, reboot your Garmin Device
  4. Make sure that you are logged in to your Garmin “Account” with the correct set of Credentials.
  5. Update your Garmin Apps and Garmin Device. Additionally, update the OS of your Computer/ Smartphone.  
  6. Besides that, make sure that the Device and Smartphone/ Computer was configured properly to the WiFi Network.
  7. Both the Device and Smartphone/ Computer must be “Paired” properly. 
  8. If required, remove the Device completely from the Network and App. Then, uninstall the Garmin App. Thereafter, re-install the App, connect it to your Garmin Device, Pair the Device with your Smartphone. Make sure the entire process is performed accurately this time.
  9. Perform all the necessary steps to restore the Network Connection. 
  10. Use System and Network Diagnostic Tools on your Smartphone.
  11. Try using a different Smartphone or Network.
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