Garmin Error Code 0300

Garmin is, undoubtedly, a pioneer in exploiting the GPS technology. In fact, it has made this innovative technology a daily affair by means of its cutting-edge Devices. For instance, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Wearables, Outdoor Recreation, Sports and Fitness products. These devices, particularly, Wearables, Outdoor Recreation, Sports and Fitness gadgets track your activities and record them. You can access this data of your activities on your Desktop through Garmin Express. Along with that, it gives you the liberty to use your Mobile Devices to access this data through Garmin Content. Not only that, it allows you to share this data with others on its online community through Garmin Connect. In other words, you must sync your Garmin Device with your Computer/ Smartphone to get this data. However, at times, this fails while displaying a “Garmin Error Code 0300” message. 

Understand Garmin Error Code 0300

Garmin Error Code 0300 is basically a WiFi Network Failure issue that arises when you attempt to sync your Garmin Device with Garmin Application. It happens despite the fact that your Garmin Device and Computer were configured perfectly well to the Network.  


Whenever you try to sync the data on your Garmin Device with your Computer/ Mobile Device. Then, the Device searches available WiFi Networks to connect with your system. However, it fails to do so after attempting to do so. In this situation, it displays a message on your Device. It states that “Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi Network. Error Code 0300.”


While WiFi Network Failure can result from a number of technical reasons. But, it has been experienced that Garmin Error Code 0300 happens due to issues with the Router or Network itself. This means the problem arises from the Network end, not the Garmin Device or Application. 

Troubleshoot Garmin Error Code 0300

In order to rectify this trouble, you must restore your Network Connection. But, before that, you must take care of other factors that may complicate the problem. For instance,

  • Make sure that your Garmin Device and Garmin Applications are updated. 
  • Ensure that Garmin Application has been Installer properly. Besides, it must be the latest version.  
  • Besides that, the OS of your Computing Device must be up-to-date. 
  • Your Garmin Device must be properly Registered, Connected and Paired with your Computer/ Smartphone. 
  • Ensure that both the “Devices” are properly connected to the Internet. Moreover, they must be on the same Network. 
  • Ensure that you are using the right “Password” for your Network.
  • Make sure your Smartphone is not in the “Airplane Mode”.
  • If your ISP caps your Internet Usage, make sure you haven’t exceeded your monthly limit.
  • In addition to that, you must be logged in to your Garmin Account on your Computer/ Smartphone. 
  • Ensure that the Garmin Device and Smartphone are within a distance of 20 ft. For some “Devices”, it is 10 ft. 
  • Make sure you are Syncing the Garmin Device properly. 

Restore WiFi Network

  1. Close the Garmin App and re-open it. 
  2. Disconnect the Smartphone and Garmin Device from the Network and re-connect them.
  3. Reboot your Garmin Device, Smartphone/ Computer, and Router/ Network Access Point.  
  4. Turn On your Smartphone’s Bluetooth and WiFi. 
  5. Ensure that your Device and Smartphone/ Computer are within the Network Range.
  6. Delete History and Clean your Browser Cache.
  7. Clear your Smartphone’s DNS Cache.
  8. Reset your Router. 
  9. Reset WiFi Network Settings on your Smartphone.
  10. Check for Server Outage with your Internet Service Provider.
  11. Use System and Network Diagnostic Tools to detect and fix Network Connection Issues. 
  12. Uninstall the Garmin App and Reinstall it.
  13. Remove the Garmin Device from the Garmin App and Network. Configure the Device with the Network and Add it to the App. Thereafter, Pair the Garmin Device and your Smartphone.
  14. Perform Factory Reset on your Garmin Device.
  15. Check for any interfering Third-party Software like Anti-virus, Firewall etc. and fix them.
  16. Use another WiFi Network, if possible.
  17. If everything else fails, seek support from your ISP and Router manufacturer.
*If you wish to fix all  issues then call the Garmin Support for assistance.