Garmin Error Code 0200

Apart from navigation devices, Garmin is also a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of Fitness and Sports Devices. In fact, it covers best-of-the-breed gadgets for Activity Tracking, Running, Cycling, Golf, Multisports, Swimming, Action Cameras, Outdoor Watches, Handhelds and Sporting Dogs etc. These Devices also supports data sync features to give you complete access to the recorded data. You can view and share the data to enhance its usability. However, at times, you may fail to get access to your data on account of Garmin Error Code 0200.

Understand Garmin Error Code 0200

Garmin Error Code 0200 is a commonly occurring issue that some users face. In order to understand it, you will have to understand the working of Garmin’s products from the Wearables, Sports and Outdoors categories.

These “Devices” are designed primarily to track your fitness, sports and related activities which can be used for attaining your respective goals. As such, you carry or wear these gadgets. They record the relevant data. Thereafter, you can view and share this data from your Smartphone, Laptop or Computer. In this process, user-friendly apps like Garmin Express and Connect also plays a vital role. 

In other words, your registered Garmin Device is hooked to a Smartphone/ Laptop/ Computer etc. which contains a pre-installed Application. When connected, your Device syncs with the Application. This transfers the recorded data from the Garmin Device to your system. 

However, at times, this process fails. To put it differently, the data on your Device doesn’t sync to your Smartphone/ Computer over the WiFi Network. Garmin Device searches for the available WiFi Network but fails to connect. As a result, you get a message on your Device saying “Cannot make connection to the WiFi network. Error Code 0200.”

In short, Garmin Error Code 0200 is a WiFi Network Failure Issue when trying to sync the data of your Garmin Device.  

Cause Of Garmin Error Code 0200

The reason behind recent occurrences of Garmin Error Code 0200 is a technical malfunctioning in the software of your Garmin Devices. This happens due to the technology upgrade of the connected devices like your Smartphone/ Computer etc. Due to this upgrade, software of Garmin Devices experiences compatibility issues. 

Fix Garmin Error Code 0200

Garmin is aware of this problem and is under the process of resolving it. For this reason, it has released Public Beta Software Updates and a Full Production Software Update. As soon as the updates are available for your respective Garmin Product, you must update your Device. 

Currently, the updates are available only for the following Products.

  • Vívoactive 3 Music

  • Fenix 5 + Series

  • Fenix 6 Series

  • MARQ Series

  • Forerunner 245/24 Music

  • Forerunner 945

  • Forerunner 645/645 Music

However, users of the remaining product will wait for the required updates to get a lasting solution. Meanwhile, users of Vivoactive 4/4S and Venu products can get a temporary solution by following the given steps to get rid of Garmin Error Code 0200. 

  1. Open a Web Browser on your Computer. 
  2. Go to “”.
  3. Right-click on this webpage.
  4. Select “Save As”.
  5. Then, save this file on your Desktop with the name “general-ca-bundle.crt”.
  6. Now, connect your Garmin Device with this Computer. 
  7. After that, move the “general-ca-bundle.crt” file from your Desktop to Garmin’s Folder. You will find it at “Device Name>Primary>Garmin”.
  8. Subsequently, disconnect your Garmin Device.
  9. As a result, this file will install on your Device and solve the Garmin Error Code 0200 issue.

Quick Fixes

Till the time, Garmin resolves this issue, you can try some of the quick fixes to get temporary relief. 

  1. To begin with, close all the Applications/ Programs including Garmin Connect running on your Smartphone. Then, launch Garmin Connect once again. 
  2. Perform Power Cycle on your Garmin Device. However, you can skip this process in case of Vivofit Devices. Besides that, rechargeable watches will not display a “Power” button. As such, you will have to connect it to a Power Source through its Charging Cable. Wait for a couple of minutes and disconnect it. 
  3. Thereafter, turn off Bluetooth on your Smartphone. Then, turn it back on.
  4. Reboot your Smartphone.
  5. Completely, disconnect the Garmin Device from your Phone and WiFi Network. Wait for a few seconds. Then, hook it up again. If required, configure it again to the Network.

Hence, this completes the entire process with which you can easily get rid of the Garmin Error Code 0500 completely. In case you need help related to the Garmin then you can contact Garmin Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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