Garmin Error Code 0105

Garmin essentially offers a range of GPS based gadgets including Sat-nav, Wearables, Sports and Outdoor, Marine, Aviation etc. These devices are primarily powered by GPS which is a passive technology. This means that it doesn’t require the Internet for its basic operations. But in case if you want to use and manage your Device through a Computing Device or Smartphone. Or, you want to share the information recorded by these devices. Then, you will need an Internet connection. This is especially true in the case of Smartphones where you must have a WiFi Connection. However, at times, this connection between the two may lead to issues like Garmin Error Code 0105.    

Garmin Error Code 0105

What is Garmin Error Code 0105?

Garmin Error Code 0105 is basically a WiFi Connectivity issue encountered by Garmin Devices mainly the Fitness Devices. This issue occurs when your device tries to connect to the “WiFi Network” for accessing the linked software like Garmin Express or Connect. Another point to remember is that this happens with a previously configured WiFi Network. 

Whenever you encounter this problem, your Garmin Device displays a message stating “Network error: Try again later”. You get this message beneath Garmin Error Code 0105. With this, your “Device” fails to connect to your Smartphone/ Computer via the WiFi Network.

Reason Behind The Trouble

Although, this problem arises mainly due to the incompatibility of the Device with your Wireless Router or Network Acces Point. Some of the Garmin Devices still work on the older 802.11b or 802.11g (2.4 GHz frequency) wireless standards. However, most of the wireless routers have been upgraded to 802.11n or later wireless standards. As such, they fail to support Garmin Devices leading to Garmin Error Code 0105. 

While this incompatibility of wireless standards is the major cause of this trouble. However, there are other factors that may lead to this issue. For instance, Issues with the Network, Software, OS, Devices etc.   

Troubleshoot Garmin Error Code 0105

Irrespective of the cause of this concern, immediate action must be taken to resolve this issue. 

Check Wireless Standard Compatability

In the very first place, it is essential to ensure that your Wireless Router or Network Access Point supports the same Wireless Standard as your Garmin Device i.e. 802.11g or 802.11b (2.4 GHz frequency) wireless standard. To check the same, you can refer to the User Manuals of the respective devices. 

In case if your router supports the same, make sure that it is enabled for this standard. For this, you can seek the help of your router manufacturer. However, this is an easy task that can be performed on the Administrative Settings Control Panel of your wireless router. 

Besides that, check the WiFi capability of your Garmin Device by checking its User Manual. 

Additional Fixes

  1. Reboot the Garmin Device, Router, Smartphone etc.
  2. Ensure to turn On WiFi on your Router, Garmin Device and Smartphone.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your Smartphone.
  4. Re-configure the WiFi Network on your Device.
  5. Update Garmin App (Connect/ Express etc.), Smartphone’s OS, and Garmin Device.
  6. Make sure the Smartphone and Garmin Device are within 10m of each other.
  7. Restore Network Connection. 
  8. Disable Firewall or other interfering software.
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