Troubleshoot W-04 Epson Printer Error – The Epson Printer Error W-04 occurs due to the issue with the cartridges. In order to fix the Epson Printer Error, you need to simply follow all instructions given on the screen. In case the error code does not disappear after following the instructions then you may contact Epson Printer Support. Here we are going to discuss the step-by-step process to Troubleshoot W-04 Epson Printer Error.

Troubleshoot W-04 Epson Printer Error

Troubleshoot W-04 Epson Printer Error

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Steps to Troubleshoot W-04 Epson Printer Error – Epson Printer Support:

When you see the error message Epson Printer Error W-04  on the display then,

  • You need to check whether the cover is properly closed or not.
  • In case the cover of the cartridge is open then close the cover properly and then again check for the error.
  • If the Epson Printer Error W-04 still exists then you can try further troubleshooting mentioned below.

Step 1: First you need to check whether you are using the right type of cartridges or not.

You need to check your printer number printed and compare the number mentioned on the cartridges. These numbers must be the same. So when you will have both printer and cartridge compatible then you can start playing it by removing the old one. In case the cartridges are empty then replace with the new one. If the cartridge is new then take out the cartridges and then clean them using a lint-free cloth. After that install them again in the printer.

Step 2: Remove old Epson ink cartridges

In order to put the cartridge in the printer, remove the blue film from the nozzle of the Epson printer cartridges, turn the cartridges so that Epson logo facing you. The grey part of the cartridges faces up and a nozzle goes downwards. Depending on the printer model cartridges have some black dots on the Top. Install each cartridge in every color row. Push them firmly, but don’t push it too hard.

If you are getting any error message then check the error message on the printer, if your cartridges are used before, select used or if it used the first time, select new. Check if the paper is loaded in a paper tree, open your Epson print manager and select setting and maintenance and select align print cartridges.

Run a test print:

Take out the newly printed paper from the paper tray; you will see two-dot lines parallel in red and black. Examine the alignment of the lines, click the numbers and letters for the best alignment, a dialogue box will appear on your screen, click continue, a new page will be print, now check whether these alignments are correctly printed on the paper, if you found irregularity over alignments, repeat these step 3 or 4 times to continue.

In case the issue still persists then you can directly contact Epson Printer Support For the further assistance and troubleshooting.

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