How to Resolve Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Issue?

//How to Resolve Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Issue?

How to Resolve Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Issue?

Dell Laptop Touchpad not working – If you are a Dell laptop user then you would the smooth service provided the Dell Laptop. It is embraced with all the advanced features available in the market. They design all their products by keeping the needs of their user in mind. But there are times when the Dell laptop causes some issues such as Dell Laptop Touchpad not working.

Dell Laptop Touchpad not working

Dell Laptop Touchpad not working

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In this blog, we will discuss the steps to troubleshoot the Dell Laptop Touchpad not working and also provide your alternative Dell Laptop Support methods.

If your Dell touchpad is not working as it should follow the steps given below for troubleshooting. Steps For Troubleshooting Touchpad Issues:

Steps 1: Cleaning Your LCD.

  1. Firstly you need to turn the Laptop OFF in order to properly see what the problem is.
  2. Examine properly if there are any blotch to be cleaned.
  3. For cleaning your laptop u must always use a microfiber cloth. you may use any other cloth also but(we suggest to use a microfiber cloth).
  4. Do not use any kind of liquid cleaner that you use in your home on a daily basis it may cause harm to the screen.
  5. Make sure you clean your laptops properly and there is no dust particle left on the screen.
  6. And for the safety of your laptop, you should have a screen protector on it. But make sure it doesn’t have bubbles in it because that may cause the screen not working properly.

Step 2: Shutdown and restart your laptop.

Once you shutdown and restart your laptop there are possibilities that the touchpad started working back to normal. So there are no further steps required once you do this and the touchpad started working properly.

Step 3: Try to calibrate your touchscreen (For Windows 8(8.1)

  1. Open your laptop.
  2. Now from your keyboard from the left press the “Windows” key and then press the “Q” key.
  3. Now type calibrate in the search box press Enter and now click on the Calibrate option.
  4. Finally, a permission message will prompt on your screen.
  5. Click on “Yes”.
  6. You need to make sure that each and every information of your laptop is correct and is up to date especially the Time & Date otherwise your system will show errors while troubleshooting touchpad.
  7. Different windows were different steps that need to be followed in a different manner so you can’t follow the same steps for every window.

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