Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps

//Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps

Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps

Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps – The Dell laptop might encounter some issues i.e it does not start but only beeps 4 sounds. This indicates memory read error or the write failure. The user might depress the power button and nothing happens for the first 30 seconds but after 30 sec it will beep 4 times and will not start up.

The beep sound is an indication that there is an error or some problems during the startup of the Dell laptop. and the screen remains black.

Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps

Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps

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Here are some easy solutions provided to you to remove this error. Follow the given instructions if you want to start your laptop again without producing the beeping sound:

Methods to Fix Dell Laptop Not Starting 4 Beeps – Dell Laptop Support:

Solution 1:

Firstly remove all the memory modules from the laptop.

  • Furthermore, check on if the beeps are heard again.
  • If the beeps sound is heard that means the motherboard is working fine.
  • Nextly, you need to try using one memory stick at one time.
  • Insert the memory stick on to the first slot.
  • Furthermore, you need to check that after performing the above step the computer boots to the windows.
  • Again, insert the same memory stick in the second slot and follow the same instructions as stated above.
  • This will tell you if the problem is with the motherboard or memory.

Even if after performing the above-mentioned steps you are facing trouble in starting the windows then the most convenient way is that the motherboard needs to be replaced.

Solution 2:

If there is an indication and your device starts up by chance in that case you need to follow the given steps :

  • Firstly you need to restart your laptop.
  • Nextly press the F12 key on startup.
  • Click on the diagnostics.
  • You need to run an extended memory test on each module and on each slot.
  • After performing the above-mentioned steps if the system boots into windows, then update the BIOS.

In case you are facing some other issue, you can seek help from the Dell Community center.

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