Dell Fan Issue – Every laptop has a fan in it to keep it cool. As we know that the hardware generates heat while performing different tasks. To keep the system cool and work properly, the fan is installed. Sometimes you find that the fan has stopped working or making more noise than normal. Sometimes the fan runs faster than normal speed. These things indicate that there is a problem with your laptop.

Dell Fan Issue

Dell Fan Issue

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Some Causes of Dell Fan Issue –

  • A laptop’s fan can stop working because it does not get proper ventilation.
  • If your BIOS or device drivers are outdated then you may face this issue.
  • Any physical damage can also be the cause of Dell Fan Issue.
  • If the fan accumulated by dust then it stops working.

Some Troubleshooting Methods to resolve Dell Fan Issue

In order to get a solution to the error, you need to perform some troubleshooting procedures. These procedures vary with the errors. Some of them are the following:

Solution 1. Clean the Air Vents and Debris to Resolve Dell Fan issue

Sometimes the air vents get obstructed by dust. It causes the abnormal functioning of the laptop fans. It causes overheat and malfunctions in your laptop. Dust can also decrease the performance of the processor. As a result, your laptop gets a hardware failure. You simply need to make vents clear and let the air flows. You can perform these steps to make the air vents clear:

  • Turn off your laptop first.
  • Check the air vents of your Dell laptop.
  • To clean the air vents, you need to use a can of compressed air to remove the dust.
  • Place your laptop in an upright position and provide clearance around the vents to keep the airflow.

If you find any difficulty in performing these steps, you can also contact Dell Laptop Support.

Solution 2. You can Run A Hardware Diagnostic Test to Fix Dell Fan Issue

With the help of hardware diagnostic test, you can simply recognize the hardware related issue. It also provides solutions for the issue. So, perform a diagnostic test to confirm that the problem is Dell Fan Issue:

  • First of all, turn on your Dell laptop.
  • Press F12 continuously when the Dell logo appears on the screen.
  • It will take you to the BIOS mode of the laptop.
  • Afterward, select the ‘Diagnostic’ with the help of keyboard arrow.
  • Just after that press the enter button to move further.
  • Now, you need to follow the screen instructions appropriately to complete the procedure.

Solution 3. Update the BIOS and Dell Drivers to Fix Dell Fan Issue

Dell always recommends updating the Dell Drivers and BIOS as a part of the scheduled test. With the help of this, you can keep your system drivers compatible. It also updates the latest drivers to maintain a smooth performance. So, it is always a great idea to keep your Dell Drivers and BIOS updated.

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