D-Link Router Error 103 104 105 – There are few common D-Link Router Errors that are caused in one way or the other due to misconfigured system data of Windows operating systems. D-Link errors such as 103, 104, 105 and are a result of Windows system files damage and other corrupted system file entries that can turn into a real threat to the well-being of the PC. But professionals working at D-Link support section have penned down a solution to these uncommon D-Link errors for resolving it as soon as possible when encountered. To Fix D-Link Router Errors 103 104 105, follow the easy steps which are given below by D-Link Router Support.

D-Link Router Error 103 104 105

D-Link Router Error 103 104 105

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Steps to Fix D-Link Router Errors 103 104 105:

Solution to Fix D-Link Router Error 103

This error occurs while computers and routers are not able to search for the internet connection. The D-Link Router Error 103 usually is a result of serious faults in your modem/router settings. It’s an uncommon error of D-Link Routers as well as routers.


  • Type “https” instead of “HTTP” in the URL first.
  • Make sure that routers or Routers are properly configured and the firewall is not blocking your internet connection.
  • Reset the Router or router to re-configure it properly.

Solution to Fix D-Link Router error 104

This D-Link Router error 104 is also referred to as an ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED concept. The D-Link error 104 is usually a consequence of a user’s PC not able to establish a proper connection directly to its server.


  • Perform a deep check whether the internet connection or a gateway connection is properly attached or not?
  • Make use of proxy server settings in the router carefully.
  • It is further advised for users to take the assistance of an ISP.

The solution to Fix D-Link Router error 105

This error occurs while TCP connection to the server is showing a “time out” message. The D-Link Router Error 105 is a result of a huge network load where users will face too slow speed or even a server down phase.


  • Check for the LAN whether it is overloaded or not?
  • Restart the router or a Router.
  • Reconfigure the router or a Router.

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