Install Belkin Wireless Router – Belkin provides Router easy to use and install a router with a wide range of product for different users. If you are looking for a guide to Install Belkin Wireless Router on your device then you can follow this blog.

Install Belkin Wireless Router

Install Belkin Wireless Router

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Steps to Install Belkin Wireless Router

  • First of all, confirm that you have disconnected Belkin router and modem from the power source.
  • Now, take an ethernet cable and connect Belkin router to the modem through it. Just note one thing i.e., plug an ethernet cable into the open ethernet port of modem and into Belkin router’s port labeled as “WAN”.
  • Connect your modem and Belkin router to a constant source of power supply.
  • Take another ethernet cable for connecting Belkin router to directly to your computer/laptop. Insert ethernet cable into Belkin router’s ethernet port. By doing this, your system will directly communicate with Belkin router.
  • Once physical set gets complete, launch your favorite web browser and type Belkin router’s IP address “” in the browser’s address bar. If you don’t know Belkin router’s IP address then simply google it, you will find the required info.
  • After entering Belkin IP address in address bar hit Enter. Now you are redirected to Belkin router’s configuration page where you have to enter login details.
  • Check these login credentials-
    • Username – admin
    • Password – leave it empty
  • Once done with above step, enter the username and hit the Login button. Now, you will be redirected to Belkin router Setup page.
  • Under Internet WAN section, tap on “Connection Type” on the left-hand side.
  • Choose your Internet Connection type, you can set it as “Dynamic/Fixed IP (1483 Bridge)”.
  • If you don’t know about your connection type, then immediately contact your ISP. Your ISP will provide you relevant network details to enter into Belkin setup.
  • Enter those details and then click on “Apply Changes” button. If you are using PPPoE connection then you have to enter username and password.
  • Finally, Check your internet connection status and confirm that it should be “connected”.

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