Methods To Fix AVG Outlook Not Responding – AVG Support

//Methods To Fix AVG Outlook Not Responding – AVG Support

Methods To Fix AVG Outlook Not Responding – AVG Support

Avg Outlook Not Responding – Firstly let us know What Outlook is? Outlook is the first webmail service which was first known as Hotmail. Outlook is owned by Microsoft and also outlook work in 109 different languages.

AVG Outlook Not Responding it can sometimes be the virus problem due to which that Outlook stops Working. Outlook Either crashes or freezes in the middle of the work that becomes really irritating sometimes.

AVG Outlook Not Responding

AVG Outlook Not Responding

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Effect Of Outlook Not Responding On Its Users – AVG Support:

  • Outlook stops in between the work it gets stuck any time you are working on it
  • Which consumes a lot of time of its users.
  • Whenever the user tries sending any mail it prompts with an error “Error sending this mail”.
  • Imagine you are sending a very important message and that too on the urgent basis and it prompts you “error sending the mail”.
  • This would be the most frustrating thing for any individual.

Methods To Fix AVG Outlook Not Responding – AVG Support:

Method 1: Close All The Running Outlook Programm:

  • Firstly open your computer.
  • Furthermore, go to the Start Menu.
  • Therefore in the search box type “Task Manager”.
  • Go to Process you will see a list of applications that are currently in use.
  • Therefore see all the applications related to Outlook that is currently running.
  • Select the Outlook Application and click on the “End Process” option at the end.
  • Lastly, all the applications will close.

Method 2: Remove The Outlook Add-In:

  • Firstly open your computer.
  • Furthermore, go to the Start Menu.
  • Hence go to Outlook Application while holding CTRL key click on the Outlook Application.
  • Outlook will now open in Safe Mode.
  • You can also open Outlook in safe mode from “Command Prompt”.
  • Open Command Prompt from the Start Menu.
  • Therefore in the Command Prompt type “outlook.exe /safe”.
  • Outlook will now send the Mails without any error.
  • Lastly, Restart your computer for better results.

Method 3: Temporarily Turn Off The Antivirus Program:

  • Sometimes your antivirus that is installed in your computer cause this error.
  • As it does not allow any kind of virus to enter in your computer.
  • And while sending and receiving Emails you receive certain Junk Files that may harm the programs of your Computer.
  • So the antivirus may sometimes prevent you from sending and receiving the emails.
  • Therefore from the Command prompt turn off the Antivirus that you are currently using.
  • Once you Disable your Antivirus.
  • Restart your computer and Reopen the Outlook Application.
  • Hence you’ll see that you’ll be able to send and receive the emails without any error.

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