Simple Ways to Fix Error AVG Not Detecting Antivirus

//Simple Ways to Fix Error AVG Not Detecting Antivirus

Simple Ways to Fix Error AVG Not Detecting Antivirus

AVG Not Detecting Antivirus – If you suspect that your laptop or computer is infected and you need to clean the infected files and virus from the computer. Go to AVG in your system and click on the clean option and it will start detecting the infected files. Sometimes AVG stops detecting the virus and you get the virus in your computer repeatedly. 

AVG Not Detecting Antivirus

AVG Not Detecting Antivirus

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Steps to fix AVG Not Detecting Antivirus – AVG Support:

Update your Computer:

  1. As the very first step, we recommend you to update your computer for the highest protection of your computer 
  2. Go to the start menu on the left corner down.
  3. In the search box type “Control Panel”. Open the control panel.
  4. Certain categories will now prompt on your screen. Select the “System and Security”.
  5. Now click on the “Window Update” option.
  6. “Windows Update” will now check if there is an update is available for your window or not.
  7. We recommend you to install all the important update that is available.

If AVG still not works then you need to follow these steps to make it easier for the users we divided the steps into three parts.

Update Your AVG:

  1. Open Start Menu and in the search box type “AVG Antivirus”.
  2. If you already have a shortcut of AVG on your desktop skip the above step.
  3. Open AVG.
  4. Once you open Your AVG go to setting there you will see an option as “Update Now”.
  5. The app will now start updating and once it gets updated re-open the app.

Change AVG Setting:

  1. Open AVG and go to “Options” there you will see the various option that will prompt on your screen.
  2. You have to select the “Advanced Setting” Option.
  3. After you open the “Advance Setting” on the left corner of your desktop you will see “Resident Shield” Click on it.
  4. Now it will show you an option “Scan files” Tick that option and press “OK”
  5. Now restart your Computer  

Run AVG Test:

  1. After you are done with the above steps now you need to run your AVG
  2. Open the “AVG Program” click on “Scan Now”.
  3. Now it will show you the files that are infected.
  4. One by one click on “Fix” to resolve the issue.

FAQs – AVG Support:

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If you wish to fix all these queries then call the AVG Support for assistance. Also, when you place a call at our toll-free number, we redirect your call to one of our skilled technicians. Furthermore, the technician takes your issue and helps you fix it. Call now for AVG Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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