Avg Error 651: The Avg Error 651 normally occurs while downloading or scanning the Avg antivirus on the user’s computer system.

It displays an error with Error 651: The connecting device reported an error, resulting in the connection failure with the server.

Avg Error 651

Avg Error 651

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Solutions to fix the Avg Error 651: Avg Support

Solution 1: Repairing of the Windows registry.

  • Firstly open your computer.
  • Therefore go to the start menu.
  • Now enter the cmd.exe on your computer.
  • Therefore now enter the Regedit command on your window.
  • Moreover, now follow the instructions to proceed with further steps.

Solution 2: Clean the temporary files folder

It should be made sure that the useless space should be cleaned by deleting the temporary files of unnecessary junk from the computer.

  • Firstly open the computer.
  • Therefore click on the start menu.
  • A command dialogue box appears on the screen.
  • Therefore type in cmd.exe in the command box.
  • Hit in the cmd window.
  • Now type in cleanmgr on the command window.
  • Therefore the process of cleaning out the junk will be stated.

Solution 3: Update of the device drivers

  • Firstly select the start button.
  • Therefore type in the device manager from the list that appears.
  • Furthermore, expand the categories mentioned on the screen.
  • Look for the name of your device.
  • Select the updated driver.
  • For the graphics card option expand the display adapter category.
  • Click on the graphics card>select update driver.
  • Select the search automatically for the updated driver software.

Solution 4: Update the brand new windows update.

  • Firstly open your computer and click on the search option.
  • Therefore go to the settings menu.
  • A search in the dialogue box appears on the screen.
  • Therefore type in the windows update.
  • Furthermore, click on the install option for optional updates.
  • A details pane box appears on the screen.
  • In addition to this, you need to check the available updates.
  • Therefore windows look for the latest updates.

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