Disable Avast Pop-Up Notification – The Avast Antivirus is available to be download and install from the official website anytime you want. They provide a wide range of products for the different need of the users. The Avast Antivirus has products that support different Operating System including the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Disable Avast Pop-Up Notification

Disable Avast Pop-Up Notification

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But that doesn’t mean a user does not get any issue while working with the application. One of such issues faced by users is Avast Pop-Up Notification. But the good news is, you can Disable Avast Pop-Up Notification. Here in this blog, we will discuss steps to disable so that will be able to use the Avast without any hassle.

Disable Virus Definitions Update Pop-up Notification

This pop-up notification is probably the most known. Luckily, it has been removed with the version 2015 release. It has a gray background with a blue button (in older versions it was all green with gray button) and every time it comes, the Avast lady will start “Avast virus database has been updated”. This notification is displayed every time your program gets automatically updated with the latest database of virus definitions – which may be up to two times a day.

As the update, itself is very vital, the notification, and sound, maybe not. So here’s a very simple tip on how to turn it off while keeping your Antivirus updated in the background.

  • Solution 1 – Simply open your program and navigate to ‘Settings’ in the left-side menu. Find the menu item ‘Update’ (fifth from the top) and look for the section ‘Details’. There you will find the option ‘Show notification box after automatic update’. It’s obviously checked by default so just uncheck it. That’s it, you should never see this pop-up again. Also, you can disable notifications if any error occurs during the update process.
  • Solution #2 – Another good solution is to update your Avast to the latest version which doesn’t have these pop-ups at all.

Disable Avast Update Pop-up Notification

This pop-notification is displayed when there is a new version of your Avast available. It basically keeps prompting you until you update your program. No matter if you are using the free version or the paid one.

The message says ‘Your Avast antivirus is outdated. Update your antivirus to ensure the best protection. Update now‘.

  • Solution 1 – One way how to get rid of this pop-up is to actually update your Avast. Either by clicking on ‘Update now’, or by going to Avast user interface » ‘Settings‘ » ‘Update‘ » ‘Program‘ » ‘Update‘.
  • Solution 2 – If you don’t want to for some reason update your Avast and stay with the current version, you can disable these pop-ups by going to Avast user interface » ‘Settings‘ » ‘Update‘ » ‘Program‘ » click on ‘Settings‘ and select ‘Manual update‘.

Disable Software Updater Pop-up Notification

This tip is related only to Software Updater pop-ups. It basically pops up only if you have some software on your computer that is outdated. This could be very annoying as some programs may have a new version every single day. The wise solution is to ignore only those programs while keeping track of others.

The message says ‘Important updates for some programs are ready for installation. Show updates‘.

  • Solution 1 – If you are running version 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018, there is a really simple way to turn off those Software Updater notifications. Open the program interface, click on ‘Settings,‘ click on ‘Tools,‘ find ‘Software Updater,‘ and click on ‘Customize‘. There, just uncheck the option ‘Notifications (pop-ups) enabled‘, and you will never see the Software Updater pop-up again.
  • Solution 2 – In order to ignore specific programs you have to go to Software Updater tool which is accessible from ‘Scan‘ » ‘Scan for outdated software‘ in the main window. Once you’re there, find the program updates that you want to ignore, click on ‘Ignore Updates‘ and that’s it. Similarly, if you want to start tracking updates for this program again, click on ‘Stop ignoring‘

Disable Avast SecureLine VPN Pop-up Notifications

Since the Avast SecureLine VPN has been launched, you can see some SecureLine offers in your Avast Free Antivirus, or even in paid products like Avast Internet Security. Basically, these pop-ups are, like the sales/upgrade ones, tied up with the virus definitions update. So just follow the instructions for disabling the pop-up after the virus definitions update.

  • Solution 1 – If you are using any of the paid products (Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, or Premier), you can simply opt-out of all Avast offers, including SecureLine VPN. Just open your Avast interface, go to ‘Settings‘ » ‘General‘ » ‘Popups,‘  un-check ‘Show popup offers for other Avast products‘.
  • Solution 2 – If you want to completely turn off the SecureLine VPN component,  open your Avast interface and go to ‘Settings‘ » ‘Tools,‘ and switch the state from ‘ON‘ to ‘OFF‘. With the component being turned off, you should never see Disable Avast Pop-Up Notification again.

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If you wish to fix all these queries then call the Avast Support for assistance. Also, when you place a call at our toll-free number, we redirect your call to one of our skilled technicians. Furthermore, the technician takes your issue and helps you fix it. Call now for Avast Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722(UK).

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