How to fix Adobe Application Manager Error

//How to fix Adobe Application Manager Error

How to fix Adobe Application Manager Error

Adobe application manager Error – It is a tool or application. It is used to manage the installation of many Adobe products. Also, it enables the user to update and install applications from creative cloud and suite. Adobe application manager works brilliantly on Mac and Windows. Therefore, Adobe application manager will update automatically, if you have a Creative Cloud membership. So, it will update the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Adobe application manager (AAM) comes with a simple user interface with special functions. Also, it provides customized or configured features. You can manually launch the Adobe application manager from the application folder. Such as Mac OS or Windows – Start  > All Programs menu. Above all, the user can download different applications directly from the Adobe servers. Therefore, it is possible that you may face some errors while downloading and install updates. Hence, this error can occur in any app from Adobe company.

Fix Adobe application manager Error

Adobe Application Manager


Also, the error may occur from deleted or damaged files or folders related to the Adobe Application Manager. Therefore, due to anti-malware, antivirus or anti-spyware Adobe Application Manager delete manually. Additionally, some of these tools can recognize some adobe files as viruses. As a result, this could lead to Adobe Application Manager error. This error requires to verify your license. So, if you are facing error then, you need to download a new copy of AAM. Following are the Adobe Application Manager error which user probably can face – 

1. Unable to sign in to Adobe Application Manager/CC

The user can get AAM Error while they are signed in to AAM. First of all, make sure you are using your Adobe ID to sign in to your Adobe ID account. Also, to your Creative Cloud membership, or the Adobe Application Manager. Consequently, the Adobe ID is the email address you usually used to create your account. In case you are having singing in trouble then, follow these troubleshooting steps – 

Sign in with your Adobe ID

  • After that, go to the official website.
  • Also, sign in with your Adobe ID and password.
  • Therefore, under Plans & Products review your plan details.
  • Also, if you can’t see your Creative Cloud membership listed under Plans & Products then you need to reset your account.
  • Now, launch any Creative Cloud application, such as Photoshop.
  • After that, choose Help > Sign Out, and confirm with your Adobe ID.
  • Then choose Help > Sign In. 

In case you do not have a Creative Cloud trial yet or membership. Then create one to avail the facility.

  • First of all, go to the Creative Cloud app catalog.
  • Therefore, choose an app to download.

2. Adobe Application Manager doesn’t start After Clicking Download or Try 

If you are installing AAM for the first time then, you need to download a Creative Cloud app or trial from the Creative Cloud apps catalog. Also, if the AAM’s download and the installation process does not begin automatically, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • First of all, by double-clicking the AAM installation, launch the app manually.
  • Windows: AdobeApplicationManager.exe.
  • Mac OS: AdobeApplicationManager.dmg.
  • After that, follow the onscreen instructions.

Consequently, accept security dialogs presented during the download and installation process. Also, provide administrator credentials which are requested to the users.

3. Clicking Download or Try starts a download of AAM even though it’s already installed

The user may get Adobe Application Manager Error while clicking on download and AAM not responding even though it’s already installed on your device. First of all, Adobe Application Manager installs the Adobe(AAM). Also, make sure that you plug-in to your web browser. Therefore, this plug-in requires to restart the web browser for its better functioning. As a result, if your web browser does not restart then, it is possible that the plug-in is not detected. Therefore, it will prompt you to download AAM again.

4. AAM freezes when Downloading or Initializing

It is possible that Adobe Application Manager Error can occur during AAM download and installation. Also, while waiting for the download process to complete your device could appear to freeze. Therefore, when you launch your app AAM verifies your Adobe ID. Also, it obtains a list of products to download. As a result, a waiting dialog appears, during the process.

5. Products freeze while downloading from AAM

Your device may appear to freeze while the process completes. Also, during the download or installation of a Creative Cloud app the AAM error. Therefore, the speed of your device and Internet connection determines. If you need information about the time required to download products you can see the estimated time required. Also, in case the download or install process freezes then, try these solutions in order to work out for AAM Error.

Solution 1: Restart the download

First of all, using AAM you can cancel the download and start a new download. 

  • Therefore, click X next to the app’s download status to cancel the current process.
  • Also, click Install next to the app name.

Solution 2: Relaunch AAM

  • First of all, close AAM to work properly.
  • After that, you need to launch it again.
  • Therefore, click Install next to the app name.

Solution 3: License the trial

Adobe Application Manager error can occur due to license trial also. So, in order to avail, the benefit you need to make sure you try to download a trial version of the app. Also, see the download and install a creative cloud trial.

6.“Installation failed” in AAM

Adobe Application Manager error encounters so that prevents the installation of a Creative Cloud app. Also, you may see an “Installation Failed” message.

  • First of all, click the arrow to the right of the “Installation Failed” message.
  • Also, an AAM error appears.
  • Therefore, for information on resolving the error, you can search for Adobe Support.
  • Consequently, try to resolve the Application Manager error by using the installation log files.

7. Change Install Location in AAM

In case you want to change the default location for installing the apps you download then you can download. These instructions can help you – 

  • First of all, launch and sign in.
  • Now, in the upper-left corner to the right of your name, click the arrow.
  • Therefore, select Preferences.
  • After that, click the folder and navigate to your desired installation location.
  • Now, click Save.
  • Consequently, you can start the Install process.

8. Remove or uninstall Adobe Application Manager

This is necessary for your device if your device has Creative Cloud applications installed. Within all of the Creative Cloud products, AAM performs multiple functions. Above all, when you uninstall all Adobe Creative Cloud products Adobe Application Manager is automatically removed.

Remove Creative Cloud from Mac OS

  • First of all, you need to Double-click your hard drive.
  • After that, go to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers.
  • Run all the Adobe uninstallers to remove all the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Remove Creative Cloud from Windows

AAM offers a Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. It removes the database entries but not the physical files along with the installation. Also, run the program uninstallers to remove all the components.

  • Firstly, click start > Control Panel.
  • Now, you need to click Programs and Features.
  • After that, select a Creative Cloud application and click Uninstall.
  • Repeat step 3 for all Creative Cloud applications.

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The user may face Adobe Application Manager error at many steps. Here is the detailed analysis of the Adobe Application Manager error troubleshoot. The user can satisfy their needs with the above.

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