Simple guide to Fix Adobe handler error.

//Simple guide to Fix Adobe handler error.

Simple guide to Fix Adobe handler error.

Adobe handler error: The Adobe handler error normally appears on the screen when the Acrobat reader or the other Acrobat products like Adobe Photoshop is producing an error when the user tries to open a file or a document using any of these products.

It may be used as “Raiser without handler” error also.

Adobe handler error

Adobe handler error

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Here in this article, there are some instructions provided to you in order to resolve your Adobe handler error.

Cause of the Adobe handler error:

  • The Adobe registers have the wrong preview handler.
  • Incorrect registry value.

Solutions to fix the Adobe handler error:

  • Firstly you need to open the Adobe reader program.
  • Click on the start>programs.
  • Therefore accept the license terms if you are using the Adobe reader program for the first time.
  • Furthermore, try closing the Adobe reader [program.
  • Now open the pdf document.
  • Check if the raise without handler issue persists.
  • Therefore open the windows explorer.
  • Furthermore, open the windows explorer.
  • Open the :Program files>Adobe>Reader 11.0>Reader.
  • Furthermore, you need to change the reader 11.0 with the installed version of Adobe.
  • Look for the application.
  • Open the Eula.exe application.

Here is another method discussed in order to fix the Adobe Acrobat pdf preview handler:


  • Firstly open the Adobe Acrobat reader dc.
  • Therefore go to the edit>preferences.
  • Moreover, you need to scroll down.
  • Click on the security-enhanced option.
  • Furthermore, uncheck the enable enhanced security option.
  • Click on ok.

If you have installed the Pro version then in that case you need to perform the above steps again.

Therefore restart the Outlook again.

Therefore these solutions will definitely help you up in resolving your Adobe handlers error. In case you are not able to find help, in that case, feel free to contact the Adobe help team.


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