Adobe Error List And Solutions – Adobe Support

//Adobe Error List And Solutions – Adobe Support

Adobe Error List And Solutions – Adobe Support

Adobe Error List  – The creative cloud application store the information and the launch process in the lof files. This document provides the user with the solutions if the user encounters some errors. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Adobe Error List and their solutions.

Adobe Error List

Adobe Error List

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Adobe Error List and Solution – Adobe Support:

Error code: 0 & Error code: 1

Logged Error message: It shows no error. And for Error Code 1, Unable to parse the command line due to incorrect arguments or errors in the command line.


The user should make sure of the use of the correct arguments.

Error code: 2

Error message logged: The mode specified is unknown. Only the silent mode is supported by the program.

Error code:6

Error message logged: The silent workflow is thereby completed by the errors.T he error may arrive because of the failing of the required component.


The exact cause of the error should be looked in order to solve the issue.

Error code:7

Error message logged: Now the error arises because the silent workflow doesn’t work .because  of the failure of a critical component.


First of all, you need to review the occurrence of the error in the log file. And determine the exact cause of the error.

Error code:9

Error message logged: Unsupported OS version. The error then arises when the user tries to install the product on the unsupported version of the operating system.


First of all, the verification of the operating system should be done. You need to clearly verify the requirements for the product.

Error code:11

Error message logged: There is an error because another instance is running, only one instance shall run at a time.


The additional applications of the Adobe manager should be quit so that only one instance is running. Then the user to restart the computer.

Error code:15

Error message logged: First of all, sync failure of the media DB. Furthermore, the installation process might not merge the installer media database with the local media database.

  • First of all, the installation of the two database files(i.e media DB and local media DB).should not be corrupted i.e it should not show 0 bytes.
  • Furthermore, the update of the operating system is required.
  • In addition, you need to restart the computer and then retry.
  • Furthermore, the permissions on the local media DB should be checked.
  • In conclusion, the old installations should be removed. You need to run the Creative cloud tool cleaner

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