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123.hp.com/setup – HP provides a vast range of peripheral devices such as DeskJet, OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, All-in-One and Envy printers etc. The HP printers use the latest technology and advanced features which helps you to print, copy and scan as well with ease. In order to use the HP printers, you need to install the Printers drivers on your system. You can visit 123.hp.com/setup to download the driver of your printer online. By visiting that link you can get the support also if you face any issue during the download or installation process of the printer drivers.


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HP DeskJet Printers are available for consumers as well as businesses, according to your need. You can select and purchase the desired printer from the retail store or online and then visit 123.hp.com/setup to download drivers. You can also select the desired location and language from the website. The DeskJet Printers were previously designed for printing only but nowadays they include copy and scan as well.

HP Envy Printers are designed for the home use only and they allow you to print, scan and copy. The HP Envy Printers can be connected using the wired as well as wireless connection to your system. You can visit 123.hp.com/setup and then download and install the Printers drivers on your system.

HP OfficeJet Printers are specifically designed for the lots of printing work. You can also use OfficeJet printers to scan, copy as well as fax the documents you want. HP OfficeJet Printers are available in the market at a very affordable price. These Printers offers includes some extra features than DeskJet Printers like automatic paper feeder as well automatic duplexer. The automatic documents feeder gives you the freedom to feed several pages at one time.

Top Selling HP Printers and Download links – 123.hp.com/setup:

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 – 123.hp.com/setup 6968
  • HP Envy 4250 – 123.hp.com/setup 4250
  • The Printer HP OfficeJet 8710 – 123.hp.com/setup 8710
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – 123.hp.com/setup 6978
  • HP OfficeJet 4650 – 123.hp.com/setup 4650
  • Printer HP OfficeJet 3830 – 123.hp.com/setup 3830
  • HP DeskJet 2600 – 123.hp.com/setup 2600
  • HP Envy 5540 – 123.hp.com/setup 5540
  • Printer HP DeskJet 5730 – 123.hp.com/setup 5730

The Printers which are listed above are the top-selling printers designed by the HP. you can visit the links mentioned in front of the printer’s name to download and install the printers drivers on your system. HP Printer Support offers you the 24/7 support for the issues and troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. In case you face any issue while installing the Printers driver then you may contact HP Printer Support for help.

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The link 123.hp.com/setup, allows you to download and install your printers drivers on your system. In case of need, you can directly connect to the HP Printer Support using the Get Support link given on the website.

Before visiting the link 123.hp.com/setup and downloading the drivers on your system, you need to unpack and connect your printer.

Steps to set up the Printer – 123.hp.com/setup:

  • First of all, you need to unpack the printer the from the box and then plug the power cord into the printer as well as the power outlet.
  • Now turn on the printer using the Power button given on the printer and then open the front cover.
  • Insert the cartridges into the printhead properly and then remove the paper tray to put the paper in it.
  • Now put some paper, reinsert the paper tray inside the printer and then try to make a copy.
  • After setting up the printer, you need to install the Printers driver on your system.

Steps to download HP Printer driver – 123.hp.com/setup:

  • When you visit the link 123.hp.com, then you need to enter the model number or name of your printer.
  • Type the name or model number in the search box and then click Search to get the details.
  • Now click on the Download button which will automatically start the download of the drivers on your system.
  • Save the file on your system and then double click on the downloaded file to run the setup.
  • Follow the instructions which are displaying on the screen to finish the installation of the drivers.

Steps to install HP Printer Driver – 123.hp.com/setup:

  • Download the driver of your printer online and then double click on the installer file to run the setup.
  • Now select the connection type from the list either wired or wireless and then click Next to continue the process.

Wired or USB connection:

USB connection:

  • If you have selected the USB connection then,
  • Click Next and then connect the USB cable to both the system and the Printer.
  • Now, wait until the connection is established and then run a test print from your system.
  • If failed then contact HP Printer Support or visit 123.hp.com/setup for the help.

Wired or Ethernet connection:

  • In case you want to connect the printer using Ethernet cable then,
  • Select the connection type as Wired, click Next and then connect the Ethernet cable between the Printer and the Router.
  • Now connect the printer to your system using the network name and password.
  • After the successful connection, try to print a test page and if failed then visit 123.hp.com/setup for the further support.

Wireless Connection:

Printer with display:

  • In order to connect the printer to the system wirelessly, first, you need to make sure that the printer and system are connected to the same network.
  • Check the Wireless light on the printer is Turned on and steady, if the light is blinking then,
  • Go to the wireless settings from your Printer’s control panel and then click on the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Now select your network SSID from the list and then enter the password correctly which is given by your service provider.
  • Now click connect/next according to your printer and then wait until the connection is established and the light is steady.
  • In case of any issue, you can contact HP Printer Support for the further troubleshooting.

Printer Without Display:

  • If the printer does not have the display then you need to select the connection type as Wireless or network and click Next.
  • Now from the list of Network name, you need to select the name of your network.
  • After selecting the network name, enter the password or passphrase as given by the service provider.
  • Now click connect and then you need to wait and then after the successful connection, tries to print a test page.
  • If you failed to print a test page then you need to visit us at 123.hp.com/setup for the support and troubleshooting.

Our Experts helps you to resolves your issues related to the HP Printer with the 99% resolution rate by visiting the link 123.hp.com/setup. In case you find it difficult to download and install the HP printer driver or stuck in between the troubleshooting steps then you may call HP Printer Support at +1-(888) 525-9575 (US/CA) or 020 8123 1722 (UK).

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